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Light Observation #6

I think I missed a lighting observation either last week or the week before, so I’m doing an extra this week.

1) 4/3 8:00pm. Norwalk, CT.

2) Night lights illuminated in fog.

3) As I was taking the train home for spring break yesterday, I looked out the window at one point and realized that there was some of the lowest fog I’ve ever seen. When we went over a small lake, the fog was practically touching the lake, making it impossible to see more than a couple dozen feet away. But the most spectacular visual, was when we rode through the small city of Norwalk, Connecticut. The buildings disappeared into the fog and the streets were barely visible. Even though you couldn’t see any of the streetlamps, the lights illuminated the fog in little bursts all across the city. It was spectacular because it was just “light.” You weren’t seeing a streetlamp, you were seeing light. Of course it was one of the best lighting moments I’ve ever had. In this case, light was calling attention to itself, and asking to be recognized. It was truly beauticul.