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Photo Observation: Sunset/ Sunrise



Description: This is an image of the sun rising over NYC. The sun has created a warm orange glow in the distances as it begins its journey up to its’ place in the already blue, morning sky. Even though New York City is the city that never sleeps the sun is rising to begin another day. This image fits the theme of sunset/sunrise since it is a clear picture of the sun ascending.

Lighting Observation: Sunburst On Top of a Lamp Post

It was 10:45am on Jan. 29th, 2016. I was right outside the Spiegel Theater and seated on a bench when it struck.

The sky was clouded over with blueish clouds, and the sun broke through the clouds. It broke through right behind the very tip of a lamp post. Accordingly, from where I sat, it looked like the lamp post’s tip was surrounded by this circle of light and possibly emitting it. This light highlighted and gave great clarity and crispness to the edges of the tip of the lamp post.

The light was majestic in this moment. It came forth like a powerful wave crashing down on the beach or the whirl of a bullet heading towards its target. It broke through the wall of blueish, bleak clouds to shine forth in brilliant, bright contrast to the surrounding sea. It was like a light at the end of a tunnel: the hope in a world of gloom. The whitish sun was harmonious with the snow on the ground and shown like the empress of all things on top of the lamp post. It was the throned and treasured embodiment of hope. With its fierce and sudden glow, the sun claimed it could melt the snow, massacre the clouds, and restore the world to warmer weather days. The lighting reflected this resilience, this willingness to fight, and, above all things, this feeling of hope which motivated the “never give up” attitude of the sun. The elegance of hope and bravery colored and brightened the lighting of the sun at 10:45am on Jan. 29th, 2016.

Photo Observation #1: A Modern College Thanksgiving Sunset


This is a photograph of a sunset that I took this past Thanksgiving.

This photo is the sunset and pastel colored sky that faded away from Hofstra’s campus on Thanksgiving day 2015, and, consequently, fits with the theme of sunset or sunrise.

The lighting of this photo is warm and gentle like the kiss a mother would gently place on the forehead of her sleeping babe. The colors of the sky and clouds, which are illuminated to our eyes by the orangish light of the sun, are pastel and spring-like despite the late autumn timeframe of the photo. This reveals the innocent nature of the light and the simple kindness with which the light appears to caress the sky with its caring warm glow. This care is shown most evidently through the pinkish tint to the clouds and the halo of  light surrounding the far tree line. It is Easter-like in this color scheme and pattern, and it seems to promise a rebirth like that which is natural to the leaves and plants in spring. This fits quite well given that a sunset is followed by a sunrise, which in turn is followed by a sunset. Piecing together the care, warmth, innocence, and other attributes of the light reveals a story of how the light, the sun, loves the Earth, kisses it goodnight with all the beauty and warmth that exists within its pure heart, and promises that it will be there to kiss it in the morning. This is a sunset.