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Photo Observation 5


Photo taken by me, in Brooklyn on September 15th 2015

Theme: FUN!

Well, my ride is here… This is the fanciest, most fun garbage truck I have ever seen. I saw it while walking to get dinner with one of my friends in the city and stopped because I thought it was a really badass ice cream truck, turns out it was just a garbage truck customized with colorful lights.

Photo Observation



Theme: Fun!!

This picture screams fun to me because of the array of colors that are shown. The different colors create an atmosphere of happiness and christmas time, which i think is fun. The different colors are pleasing to the eye because there is not one missing. You cant help but look at all the colors and feel happy! (so corny)

Lighting Observation

When: February 25th  Time: 10:45am   Location: Adams Playhouse

Objective Description: The lighting for hamlet creates a spooky tone that really creates the atmosphere of a ghost story.

Subjective Description: Today was the first day we teched in the playhouse for The Plays The Thing. We had a performance at 10:45 and when the cast went to the stage and saw the neon colors and the spooky gobos. These elements created an atmosphere to help support our acting and really create the concept for out play. The concept was telling a ghost story and the lighting brought that and dark colors that really brought out the casts dead makeup.

Lighting Observation 5

Date: 2/25/2016 Time: 9:37 p.m. Location: pathway between Grad hall/ towers and the parking lot

Objective Description: The night is dark and the only light is coming from the lamp posts that are all along the pathway. The lamps are shaped like little globes and from the path, it is as bright as daytime out.

Subjective Description: Standing at the end of the Student Center walkway, about to cross the street to the pathway allows me to see it from afar. The night sky contrasts with the glowing orbs of the lamp posts and they look like stars on the earth. As I walk onto the pathway, the darkness of the night disappears and I’m enveloped in this light. From the pathway, it seems as though it is mid-afternoon instead of well into the evening. This light made me feel safe and aware of my surroundings. As soon as I stepped off of the pathway to head towards my building, I was again swallowed into the darkness of the night.

By Candlelight (P4)


Photo by Massimo Cerrato. Flickr photo page here. Direct link here.


A blast of sweltering heat washes over your face, casting your face in flickering shades and tints of amber, creating deeper shadows in the hollows of your cheeks. The soft, glowing halo of just a few small candles, illuminating only that which remains within the close range of the candles themselves, establishes a small, intimate setting; flushing your cheeks with the heat from the flames as they flicker to and fro.

Summer Days (P5)


Photo by Mahmoud Hiepo. Direct link here. Flickr page link here.


A drop of sweat beads full and trickles down the back of your neck as you lay sprawled out on the lush summer grass, gulping down ice cold water in between heaving breaths as you come down from your giggle fit. The bright beams of the late afternoon summer sun twinkle down upon the scene of your fun-filled summer day. As the sun hits the slide, the reflection illuminates the wide, giddy grins stretching across your best friend’s and your blotchy, flushed faces. You notice the light reflecting oddly onto the side of a house, beyond a line of saplings at the edge of the park – it looks like water. You turn a wicked grin towards your best friend, and seeing a similar mischievous sparkle in their eyes, you set off running across the grass, ripping your clothes off as quick as you can, yelling, “Last one in walks home without shoes!”

Lighting Ob #5

  1. 2/24/16, 4:14pm, Netherlands North Patio Core
  2. Objective: The lighting is very cloudy and dark. There is no sunlight out.
  3. Subjective: The lighting feels very sad and gloomy. The wind is slightly blowing adding to the feel of a melancholy evening. The clouds are frequent and a very light gray.

Imagine Dragons Concert – Tia


Photo Cred: Me

Theme: Fun

Description: This is a picture I took at an Imagine Dragons concert. This was the finale of the show and there were many lights flashing all over the place in many different colors. There were also these giant colorful balloons being passed around the stadium. I chose this picture because when I think of fun I think of lots of color and of a lot of things going on  and this picture encompasses all of that.

Photo Observation 5


Photo Credit:

Theme: fun

Description: This photo immediately made me think of “fun” because of all the bright colors. The lights reflecting off of the water is really what stood out to me because the shapes of the light are accentuated and seem brighter than the actual lights. Also the contrast between the glowing, colorful shore and the dull, grey city buildings emphasizes the fun atmosphere of the water’s edge. When I think of fun, I think of parties. This photo looks like a lively celebration while the rest of the city looks boring and depressing. Also the rays of light coming from behind the trees looks like something amazing is about to happen and like it is calling everyone else to come and join the fun.

Lighting Observation 2/26

Date: 2/23

Time: 7:53 pm

Location: Outside of Constitution Hall

Objective Description: It had already been a dark day, however, it was completely dark by now but a sparkle from the ground could still be seen. The lamp posts lighting the pathway towards the tower dorms created a reflection on the ground yellow with warmth in an otherwise cold and dark day.

Subjective Descripton: Dark, looming clouds ever present throughout the day had finally overcome the night. A desolate cold nothingness filled the void that was the day. A light at the end of the tunnel, a twinkle sparked across the cold, wet pavement denied of any warmth. But where life seemed void, light recessitated the night. It was that sparkle of brightness that paved the way towards a dry and safe shelter.