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Light Observation: A glow in the dark of the alien’s classroom

2 Feb. 2016 – 9:18am – Classroom 0028 in the Basement of Breslin Hall

The room was dark besides the florescent light I let in from the hallway as I cracked the door open and a soft bluish green glow from the computer screen way over on the other side of the room. This light from the screen illuminated a circle on the white wall to the left of it, and one of the technical difficulty emergency phones was located just off middle in the circle. It is the lighting on the wall that caught my eye, not the pools of florescent lights that wafted onto the floor a few feet in front of me.

The lighting was mysterious and eerie since it was surrounded by shadows and darkness and since it was such a peculiar color. This lighting would not have been out of place in a murder mystery play in which a character is scared of the phone because the ringing of the phone always signals something bad. Thanks to the hue, the lighting seemed sickly. In the murder mystery play example, this could represent the mindset and paranoia of the afraid character. It mirrors the feeling of quintessential fear that a person home alone at night who starts hearing spooky sounds must possess. Soft, circular, and contrasting with the surroundings like something out of another universe, it could have been the light that emitted from an alien spaceship’s beams of abduction. This lighting moment touched a chord and got under the viewer’s skin by being a reminder of mortality and that there is so much uncertainty out there. It presented the fear of the unseen and the fear of the unknown mysteries of life like when a person will die. Thus, the lighting resembled in color, distribution, and intensity whatever the torch or lamp of the Grim Reaper looks like and inspired fear and thoughts of the supernatural in its beholder.

Photo Observation #2: College Student’s Night Light Night Life


My roommate, the lovely Kayla Bickel, took this photo. She was excited after getting her new camera and was testing it out by photographing things in the room last week.

This photo was taken at night in my dorm room, and it is the lighting that best represents my own night life.

The little fireflies of color in the room guide me into sleep most nights. They shine with life in the dark right before I close my eyes. They are calming and soothing. The soft small lights are anything but imposing. They do not blind or clash with their surroundings. Instead, they mesmerize and encourage forgetfulness of worldly cares. These little spread of rainbow lights on the wall can open one’s eyes to other worlds. They give comfort like a warm little candle in the cold dark night, and, with their bright glow contrasting against the surrounding dark, they gently whisper that those who see them are safe. They could instantly be a child’s favorite night light for protection from the beasts of the darkness because of their pretty hues that are apt to bring smiles of delight. Thus, these orbs, these gems, that hang in the room at night are easily declared this college student’s night light, a vital part of my night life. In addition, the lights, themselves, only breathe and sing their soothing songs of color at night and could be considered to have a night life.

Lighting Ob #2

  1. 2/3/2016, 3:09 pm, My dorm room
  2. Objective Description: The only light on in my room at the moment is a lamp with multiple heads
  3. Subjective Description: the light from this lamp comes off as a very warm and serene light. The normal lights in our rooms are very bright, harsh florescent lights that we try to avoid as often as possible. The lamp also has different colored shells for each light bulb which contribute to the warm and relaxed feeling of the light.

Photo Observation #2: Night Life

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.39.51 AM

Theme: Night Life

Description: This is a photo of a busy city street at night. The light of the day has fades to the darkness of night, which is being illuminated by the warm orbs of street lights and bright store signs. The people on the street have yet to take notice to the change of time since the artificial light that surrounds their daily lives never stops glowing.

Lighting Observation #2

Date: 2/3/16 Time: around noon Location: Netherlands South

Objective Description: The sky appeared gray and gloomy, the way it usually looks before it rains, casting a somewhat dreary light out onto the world.

Subjective Description: As I stared out of my dorm room window I noticed how gray and bleak the world looked in that moment. The mixture of the sky and the light brown brick buildings caused the whole area to look gloomy and mysterious. It was obvious that it was going to rain soon as I looked at the courtyard in between the buildings. I am not a huge fan of the rain but I love the weather when it is like this, when the sky is preparing it self for what is to come.