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Lighting Observation 2: Radio City

Date: 1/31/16

Time: 6:12 pm

Location: Radio City Music Hall

Objective Description: Driving into the city, various lights can be seen through the car window. Headlights, taillights, street lamps, traffic lights, bicycle lights, marquee lights, billboard lights, and store display lights all seem to flood any and every section of the city. However, once we approached Radio City Music Hall, the bright glow of the Christmas lights covering the trees next to the magnificently lit water fountain held my attention. We first passed by the same exact type of tree covered in red which gave me a really uneasy feeling. Then, however, we reached the the section of trees with the traditional white lights and the effect was more calming. The source of light was simply the Christmas stringlights and the lit water fountain.


Subjective: The massive concrete buildings reaching into the dark nigh sky glowed warm with an inviting white tint. The soft beams bouncing off of the pavement revealed a welcoming glimmer from the amiable stings of white lights hugging the trunks and branches of each proud tree. A collection of trees dressed eloquently as if a masquerade was to prompt each tree to dance. Extreme joy and excitement filled the air as the glamorous glow from each individual adorned with the sparkling strings of light gently greeted each guest. Flashes could be seen by spectators anxious to take pictures with the famous trees. A pool of light blue, shimmering water danced triumphantly as fountains of white light  and foaming blues took center-stage, adjacent to its charismatic friends. The party of the century.

Photo Observation 2



By: Me

THEME: Nightlife

DESCRIPTION: This is at Hollywood Studios at Disney World. Two years ago. This is a Christmas light display that wraps around the second half of the park. When you turn the color and see this display you have to stop in your tracks and take in everything. When people turn the corner, everyone stops in their tracks and takes in this beautiful site and just stand there in awe. This year was the last year they did the display and I am glad that this event had such a big impact on me.


Lighting Observation 2

1) DATE: February 4th TIME: 10:00 LOCATION: Walking from Lowe to my Dorm

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Walking home the mixture of the lamps on the walkways and the rain created beautiful images.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: When walking home from rehearsal, There was rain falling and the glimmer of the rain and the water made these amazing images that made me realize how lucky i am to live on this beautiful campus. This calmed me down and made me think back to a great rehearsal i had. The mixture of the rain and water would make little blurs in my vision which made some reflections look like balls of light.

Lighting Observation 2

Date: 2/04/2016 Time: 9:40 p.m. Location: Outside of Lowe/Bits

Objective Description: It’s dark out and the only the light is coming from the street lamps around campus. There is also some glow coming from classrooms and offices in Lowe and Memorial. The few people that are out around this area of campus are mostly silhouetted and hard to make out.

Subjective Description: Many people feel scared or anxious in the dark. I usually feel that way a bit as well, except for tonight which is why this lighting moment caught my attention. The gentle glow of the street lights accompanied with the light from a few random offices was actually a wonderful moment. The lamps were not bright and harsh so the light coming from them was warm and comforting. It was very peaceful out and the darkness, with the accompaniment of the lamps, was beautiful instead of frightening. The silhouetted people and dark buildings made everything feel abstract and almost dream like.

Light Observation

Time: Tuesday night, 11:50 pm

Objective Description: As I looked out my window at night, everything appeared to be black and yellow, except one room in a building across the parking lot.

Subjective Description: I was getting ready to go to bed, and had turned off the lights in my room but hadn’t yet closed the shades. In the dark, I was able to easily observe what was going outside my window. Spots of yellow lights were visible from the lamps lighting the pathways and the few cars driving by. Several of the rooms in the other towers were dark, but some still had their shades open to reveal squares of more of the same yellow light. I could easily see the landscape below, but instead of the usual colors, everything appeared to be somewhere between artificial yellow and complete darkness.

There was one exception to the monotone scene below and it caught my eye immediately. Across the parking lot, in the Bill of Rights building, someone else’s room was glowing with some kind of novelty light that cycled through the rainbow. This one tiny square of light was captivating against the plain yellow and black backdrop.

Photo Observation- Nightlife


Photo Credit:

Theme: Nightlife

Description: This is a photo taken inside a diner looking out into the night. The windows are foggy and illuminated with the reflections of neon signs. There are two bench seats shown, but both are empty. I think this picture illustrates how lonely the night time can be. The energetic and colorful signs are contrasted with the sad, empty black seats that are also paired with an empty table. The glow coming from outside is almost inviting you to come outside and be a part of the excitement, but instead you stay in an just look out, all alone. When I first saw this picture I thought it was bright and beautiful, but after analyzing it further, I realized that although it is still beautiful, it is also quite melancholy.