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Monday February 1st, 2016, a little after 10pm, Lowe 110

Objective: Light shining in through the windows, casting large, rectangular swatches of light across an otherwise completely dark room. They are different colors and shades from the lights outside the windows and the varying color temperatures.

Subjective: One of my favorite parts of rehearsal is the moment after everyone has left, the room is clean, the rehearsal report has been sent, and I turn back and look at the empty room with a sense of calmness. I flicked off the bright fluorescent lights, only to find the beautiful long swaths of light, enough that the room is still dark but that you can see the figures in the room in silhouette and the lines of the floorboard illuminated. I stand back and admire the room, seeing the stark contrast between Lowe 110 when it is filled with the sight and sounds of rehearsal versus only moments after everyone has left the room.

Light Observation 2

Estabrook Sunset

Date: December 4th Time: 6 pm Location: Vander Poel Hall

Objective Description: The light that is featured is the sun slowly beginning to twilight as it sets.

Subjective Description: The faint light from the sun flows into the blue from the sky, and I love how the street lights from the ground illuminates up towards the sky giving a base for the yellow as it goes into red, and inevitably into the blue as the clouds clump overhead.



Photo credit: Katie O’Keefe

Theme: Nightlife

Description: This is a photo I took on a bus trip down to DC last semester. I used the long exposure on my camera to capture the colors of the headlights going past in combination with the sun setting in the background. The whites and ambers really pop against the silhouetted background and are only further added to by the orange and gold hues in the sunset in the background. I liked how this imaged captured the hustle and bustle of DC at rush hour, showing everyone trying to get to wherever they were going to experience their own nightlife while I made my way to mine.

Photo Observation 2

Night Life


Taken: Online

Theme: Nightlife

Description: So, what struck me about this photo was the lack of color. Something about the entire photo being in black and white makes me feel more immersed with the nightlife theme. Also, the oncoming cars emitting the white light causing the streaks, was read by me as showing the busy nature of living in the city.

Photo Observation


Photo credit: Matthew Miller (found on Google)

Theme: Night life

Description: When I think of night life, I think of going out and doing something fun and exciting – like a concert! This is a picture taken at a Coldplay concert during the Mylo Xyloto tour (2011-2012). The neon, laser-like lights perfectly capture the energetic mood of the event. When you see lights like this, you know your night is going to be anything but dull.