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Hofstra Snow – Tia


2) Photo Credit: Me

3) Theme: Cold

4) Description: This is a picture I took directly outside of Lowe. The trees had just collected the snow that had fallen and the sun was just starting to peek out. The light in the picture fades from gray on the outside to a brighter white in the middle. I associate this with the feeling of “cold” because of the sensory response to snow. Cold also seems to be associated with “bare” to me and while the snow is clean it also looks bare.

Lighting Ob #3

  1. 2/8/2016, 8:12 pm, Walking from Netherlands to Vander Poel
  2. Objective Description: lights from the street lamps and the few stars visible above
  3. Subjective Description: small pools of light from each street lamp. The light coming from the lamps are an orange-like color that have a film around them.

Monday Morning Dreariness (LO2)

2/8/2016 8:50am Hofstra U., Hempstead, NY

The gray clouds and the white-out of snow falling coming in through the window of the classroom bounces off half the desks, while the depth of the window sill cuts a sharp shadow across the row closest to the window. The light is quite bright, and monotonous across the sky, even as the constantly-moving flurries of snow provide lots of minute movement against the backdrop.

The blank, bleak fuzz of snow whirling against the bare branches of the trees is one hell of a white noise, mind-numbing static to this dreary Monday morning. Though there is a lot of energy in the flurry of snow in the air, as it falls and melts, it seems to sap any energy out of those on the ground.

Brightness of Bangkok (Photo2)


Photo found here.


Bright colors in a variety of neon hues illuminate the near-black backdrop of the sky. This image of Bangkok at night illustrates a bustling nightlife filled with crazy adventures. The soft glow surrounding each bright, piercing neon sign reflects of off every surface, weaving a multi-colored fantasy of adventures waiting to happen.

Photo Observation 2


Photo by me, taken in Brooklyn, NY on January 1st 2016

Theme: Night Life

On New Years Day, just past midnight, a couple of friends and I¬†went onto the rooftop of the apartment building and set off the extra sparklers I had forgotten were in my car. Night life can be about celebrating, often using “fun” light effects to enhance the mood of the situation. Everything from funky disco balls, to LEDs, to sparklers and fireworks on holidays. Also us humans aren’t afraid of the dark and we like to show it off by exuding a butt-ton of light pollution to prove our point.

Lighting Observation 2

  1. February 2nd, 5:16pm, Hempstead
  2. Objective Description: Winter sunsets can have such delicate, softened colors to them. Driving around running errands at sunset has enabled me to have a moment just enjoying the view of a sunset with colors easy on the eyes. I see red and green traffic lights and the silhouettes of buildings as the light leaves the sky. A couple clouds that reflect the colors of the sunset.
  3. Subjective Description: I’m really hungry and the clouds look like cotton candy. But the mood in general is quiet and gentle driving around with a pastel sunset on a Tuesday night.