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Photo Observation 3 (cold)


Screenshot of video by Nacho Guzman

Theme: Cold

Description: The photo uses all blue light to illuminate the woman’s face. In contrast with the dark black background, she appears cold and icy. ┬áHer white shirt also absorbs the blue lighting giving her an overall icy glow. She appears to almost be frozen in time.



Lighting Observation 3: Flame in the Snow

2/8/16 – 6:00pm Student Center Hofstra Shuttle Stop

The light is a ground light in a little island with a tree in the middle of the walkway that is nearby the shuttle stop. When this moment happened, the light was buried in the snow but still on. It glowed through the snow.

The little ball of yellowish wonder that was the light shown through the snow like a porous sea sponge. The light poked happily through the pores and holes of the snow. The little fire encased by the snow was warm and comforting; its warmth and blaze was like that of a hearth at home. Although shrouded in the snow, the light was not mysterious, hidden, or imposing but rather it was inviting, charming, and marvelous in nature when compared against the other street lights and its immediate surrounding. Put up next to the darker hues or shades of the not as well-lit snow around it, the golden light only seemed more gentle and kind. Simply put, the light in this moment had a warm, homey feeling in its small gentle but not dim glow that issued from beneath the snow.

Photo Observation-Cold


Photo Taken by Lavada Nahon, Dec. 2013

Theme: Cold

Description: This is a photo taken of Philipsburg Manor, an 18th Century historic site in Sleepyhollow NY a day or so after it snowed. The normally flowing dam is slightly frozen over and covered with snow along with the rickety bridged. The light is dark and gloomy causing the already called air to appear even crisper in December. The grey of the sky also shows the possibility of snow again in the future.

Lighting Observation #3

Date: 2/4/16

Time: Right before midnight

Location: 48th floor of the Marriott Marquis, The View Restaurant and Lounge

Objective Description: The light in the distance was bright and never ending. It was always strong enough to illuminate the city’s sky.

Subjective Description: As I looked out over the city toward the Hudson River millions of tiny lights decorated my view. As the restaurant slowly spun toward the river it was hard for me to look at anything but the beautiful night sky of the city, one in which night is never dark but always illuminated with night life and the promise of what is to come.