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Lighting Observation 3

Date: 2/11/2016 Time: 6:42 p.m. Location: Hallway leading to the shop from the Green Room in the Blackbox

Objective Description: The hallway light had just gone out. The Green Room, scene shop, and Blackbox lights were all on and illuminated the hallway slightly.

Subjective Description: Sitting in the Green Room looking down the dark hallway made me feel like I was in a horror movie. Although the room I was in was well lit, the hallway was dim and barely illuminated by the surrounding rooms. The walls are painted black which did not reflect any of the light that was shining in and made the hall seem darker than an average hallway would be. Also the hall was full of chairs on racks covering the walls, which made everything feel smaller and constricted. This setting had a very eerie vibe and just looking down the hall made me feel like I was in the next Sinister movie.

Light Observation

Time: Sunday evening, around 5:30

Objective Description: I saw a beautiful orange and pink sunset, and when I looked at it again a few minutes later, it had changed to vibrant red.

Subjective Description: As I was leaving Michaels, I looked to the left to see an amazing sunset on the horizon. The sky was a vibrant wash of orange and pink. I attempted to take a picture of it, but the picture couldn’t even come close to capturing its majesty. I looked at the sunset a few minutes later and it had changed completely. It was now nearly the same attention-grabbing red as the stoplights on the road. I couldn’t believe how drastically the sky changed in a matter of minutes. The sunset was such a beautiful surprise and a reminder that change can happen quickly but often has wonderful results.

Photo Observation 3


Photo Credit: taken by me on February 5th, 2016

Theme: Cold

Description: This photo was taken last Friday right after it snowed and I was walking past the Cafe on the Quad. Everything was pure white except for the branches and a few parts of the bench which looked black, so the two contrasted greatly. Besides the fact that this photo is of snow which is obviously cold, but the blue-white lighting makes it feel cool. The sky was grey and colorless, which made the photo seem bleak. Also, the photo has an overall blueish tint which most people associate with the cold. The bench is empty and there is no person in sight, which makes it seem cold in the sense that it is a frigid and distant atmosphere.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit:

Theme: Cold

Description: While this picture is not physically cold, it is certainly cold in the sense of “uninviting.” The harsh, sterile, fluorescent light makes the cubicles look very unwelcoming. There is no warm light anywhere and as a result, this photograph feels very inhuman and emotionless, and overall, not a very fun place to be. Basically, this is where dreams go to die.

Photo Observation


Photo: Taken by me

Theme: Cold

This photo includes many shades of blue. The color blue creates a cold mood that reminds me of winter. This is a glacier in Alaska that is gradually breaking and melting. The coldness of the multiple shades of blues and the white/blue of the actual glacier creates the cold mood.


Photo credit: Me, 13th floor of Enterprise, January 23rd 2016.

Theme: Cold

The cool blues, grays, and greens of the image along with the strong cloud and fog cover of the background prevented even the smallest amount of sun from shining through gives off a cold, icy feeling, making the entire piece seem frozen.