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Photo Observation 4



Photo of me, taken by a friend in January 2014

Theme: Hot

One of the most obvious things we think about when we think about “hot” in temperature is the color red, and for plenty of good reasons. In this photo I was playing around with my friends lightsaber when it was taken.


tattooine sunset

Lighting Observation 4

Date: 2/18/2016 Time: 6:55 pm Location: Black Box Theater

Objective: The lighting moment happened backstage of As You Like It, minutes before the show opened. It was one of the bulbs used to light the pathway backstage so the cast and crew can walk freely to and fro.

Subjective: When I stumbled across this lighting I was like “O.O” It happened when Sean Moran who plays Duke Frederick stood in front of me as we were talking, and the light casting over him accented his outfit to make him look even more evil. Yet, he  has members of his evil court to which I tested to see how other members of the court would look, and so with Noah Smith playing Lebeaux, Andrew Salzano playing Touchstone and myself as Charles, the lighting looked like a movie poster of a movie, with one of our lines as the quote on the bottom. I forgot to take pictures yesterday, so I shall definitely tonight!

Light Observation 4

  1. Tuesday, February 16th, 2016 – Constitution Hall
  2. After days of snow and one day of rain, the sun is setting on the fog-shrouded trees of campus, and what would normally be a not-very-vibrant winter sunset is instead bright and colorful.
  3. As though it were verification that though global warming might kill us all, but at least we’ll still have a few pretty things, the sun refracted through the water left in the air after rain melted the snow from yet another blizzard days before, casting rays of light and hope through the fog rising from among the trees.

Photo Observation 4

  1. Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

  2. Hot
  3. Regardless of the snow in the content of this photo, the feeling is definitely warm, given by the blend of pink/orange in the sky, and the deeper pinkish/magenta that the snow is turned by it. Though the sun is clearly either setting or rising, one can easily imagine walking down this road and not feeling the chill that would be in the air.

Photo Observation 4


I found this photo because it showed up as my lockscreen for my laptop. So, I was like “Oh damn, this fits the theme perfectly” and found a way to save the Windows Spotlight photos for this very purpose.

Theme: Hot

Description: What I love about this photo is that it’s a vibrant, warm, orange glow that flows all the way to the top of the staircase. Also, the circular pattern of the stairs as it focus more towards a condensed spot, the space between the bulbs is decreased and it looks like balls of energy converging into one. Also, from a different perspective, it looks like you’re going down towards the core of the Earth.

Time: Friday, 1:30am

Objective: Two computer screens, one with a warm color temperature and another with a cooler, illuminate an otherwise completely dark room.

Subjective: The lights from the screens cast a pool of light in the area surrounding, bouncing off the walls and allowing me to see the every inch of the room as if the lights were on. My roommates screen is a bright white that is a bluer shade, while I have changed the color of my screen to be more amber, which just so happens to match the color schemes in our room: her side blue, mine orange.


Photo credit: Me!

Theme: Hot

Description: This is a picture I took at Witches Brew coffee shop back in October when they had all orange, red, and yellow lights up for Halloween. This lights, along with the warm decor inside gave the entire building a warm glow and made the building look almost as if there was a warm fire crackling in the fireplace, inviting you in from the cold.