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Lighting Observation #5

Date: 2/22/16 Time: 11:00ish a.m. Location: Outside of the Spiegel

Objective Description: The light was strong and warm the way it usually is on a spring day.

Subjective Description: I sat on the stone wall of a raised bed that held a tree until about a week ago and realized how oddly warm it was for February. The sun was out and beaming trying to get past all of the trees and make its way to my face. The light was so bright and springlike that all the trees and greenery seemed like they had been colored by a crayon.

Photo Observation: Fun


Theme: Fun

Description: An amusement park is filled with bright, flashing, neon colors. At night these colors are enhanced by the contrast of the dark night sky. This photo is a perfect representation of fun lighting because of all the neon colors that draw a person in. If the lights were dim or dark, boring colors people would not be so attracted to everything that is going on, but because they are obnoxiously in a person’s face they get sucked in and hold the person until the lights are turned off.