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Photo Observation


Photo Credit: George Steinmetz for National Geographic

Theme: Shadow

Description: This is one of my favorite pictures ever, and a totally awesome example of shadows. The tiny white lines at the feet of the camels are actually the camels, and the black camels you see are actually their shadows. At first glance, this picture looks like some kind of painting you may find on a cave wall because the shadows are completely flat black. I think this picture is an awesome example of shadows that are created based on where your viewpoint is – if you were to view this same scene from the ground, it would look entirely different, and not nearly as cool as it is when viewed from above.

Lighting Observation

Time: 10pm on Wednesday, at the Met

Objective Description: I watched the lights fade during the last scene of Manon Lescaut, where the title character dies.

Subjective Description: It was the last scene of the opera Manon Lescaut, and Manon and her lover were stuck in a wasteland. She was weak and dying. The light in this scene was pale blue and pale orange, and throughout the scene, the colors slowly faded to monotone colors. It was so subtle that I didn’t even pick up on it until Manon said her last words and died in her lover’s arms. It was then that I realized all of the color had left the scene and everything was somewhere between black and white. I was amazed with this lighting choice and thought it mirrored death perfectly.

Light Observation 5

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: Wednesday February 25th, 2016 – 12:50pm

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sky had suddenly opened up without my knowledge, and something about the sun shining down from the near-middle of the sky at noon-ish, while it poured, made the scene look dramatically different than what it looked like as I walked into the reading, what I expected it to still look like outside.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Everything shimmered from the sunlight, having already diffused through the clouds on its way straight down, further refracted through all of the water falling through the air, which seemed to bathe everything in a deep blue tint. Something about the atmosphere was a bit whimsical, instead of being the typical depressing look of rain – being so dramatic it was as though it were a caricature of what a rain storm would look like, something I did not at all expect in February.

Photo Observation 5



3) THEME: Fun

4) DESCRIPTION:The lighting of this photo lends itself to a fun mood because the roughness of the skyscrapers has been taken away and they are bathed in almost like pastels, the edges being far less stark and more blurred, being forced into the background of this photo. The lights in the foreground give off somewhat gentle amber light instead of harsh white, and though the energy of the photo is not wild, or crazy, I get the idea of “fun” because in so gentle a setting things would not be taken so seriously, it would be hard to imagine the typical no-nonsense hustle and bustle of New York City is going on in, say, the unseen area below this photo, instead it makes more sense (though it is completely unrealistic) to imagine something fun, like a fair or carnival, going on below these lights.


Lighting Observation 5

Date: 2/25 Time: 8 pm Location: My room

Objective: The light I am referring to is the many amber street lights that line the streets, from my window.

Subjective: As I was randomly dancing in my room to different songs, I happened to glance outside my window. I first felt startled as the street lights were reflecting off the underside of my blinds and repeating itself in an arch shape. To me, seeing six different arch-shaped lines grabbed my attention because it looked as if Hempstead was under attack and the arches were either bombs deployed from a mothership of sorts or the flames of destroyed homes raging into the night. Reminds me of a pretty cool scene for an alien movie.

Photo Observation


Photo Credit: Me!

Theme: Fun

Description: This photograph was taken at the Met when I went to see an opera on Wednesday. This creative chandelier immediately captured my attention. In addition to this chandelier, there were several smaller ones like it inside the theater. It’s much more fun-looking than a traditional chandelier because it looks like big, shiny snowflakes instead of just an elaborate glass lamp. It also reminded me of winter, which is a season that is always fun and enjoyable for me because it means spending time with family.  And let’s be real, there’s really nothing more fun than snowballs made of incandescent glitter.

Photo Observation 5

Coney  Island

From: Online

Theme: Fun

Description: For me, Coney Island always resembled fun to me. A quick half hour drive, or 10 stops on the Q train and you’re at the wonderland that is Luna Park. Night is always a great time to experience anything in the city and so with that I love how as soon as you get off the train, in the distance you’ll be able to see a shower of bright neon lights of various colors shine through the night sky. Also, the events that they have during holidays where the beach is laid with fireworks for those to gather on the boardwalk to see a festival of different explosions fading away into different color combinations is a sight to behold.

Photo Observation 5


Photo taken by me, in Brooklyn on September 15th 2015

Theme: FUN!

Well, my ride is here… This is the fanciest, most fun garbage truck I have ever seen. I saw it while walking to get dinner with one of my friends in the city and stopped because I thought it was a really badass ice cream truck, turns out it was just a garbage truck customized with colorful lights.

Photo Observation



Theme: Fun!!

This picture screams fun to me because of the array of colors that are shown. The different colors create an atmosphere of happiness and christmas time, which i think is fun. The different colors are pleasing to the eye because there is not one missing. You cant help but look at all the colors and feel happy! (so corny)

Lighting Observation

When: February 25th  Time: 10:45am   Location: Adams Playhouse

Objective Description: The lighting for hamlet creates a spooky tone that really creates the atmosphere of a ghost story.

Subjective Description: Today was the first day we teched in the playhouse for The Plays The Thing. We had a performance at 10:45 and when the cast went to the stage and saw the neon colors and the spooky gobos. These elements created an atmosphere to help support our acting and really create the concept for out play. The concept was telling a ghost story and the lighting brought that and dark colors that really brought out the casts dead makeup.