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Theme: Spooky

Description: The lighting shown is some back-light yet the bodies aren’t shown, but shadows. This fits the theme spooky because shadows are known to be an integral part of the soul. As popularly known, vampires, who have no soul typically does not have a shadow or a reflection. Thus, I thought this photo was pretty creepy or spooky because it’s just the sneakers yet the shadows of the children still linger on which begs the question, are their souls restrained to the earth? And why can’t they pass on to the other side? Also, I thought about when we talked about the possibility of becoming invisible by warping the light behind you, around you so in both instances I thought this photo was pretty dope.



Photo Credit: Myself

I took this photo in Kings Park, NY last semester with a group of friends.

Description: This image is lit with a single backlight in the form of daylight coming in through a broken window, contrasted with strong darkness surrounding the silhouette, the only things visible are directly in front of the light source, otherwise completely lost in the darkness.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.01.32 AM

Lighting Observation: 3/18

Date: 3/13/2016

Time: 1:19 AM

Location: Lahey Hospital: Burlington, Mass.

Obye give Description: The family waiting room area was placed directly inside of the central and critical care area. Because it was right next to the nurses station, it had to be lit 24/7, although the windows in the family waiting room were frosted to reflect less light, it seemed similar to the sun trying to peak through the clouds on an impossibly cloudy day.


Subjective Description: A dark night, but a dimly-lit room. It felt lighter earlier in the day, however, that would have been impossible since the windows were far anew isolated from that general location. It became clear that as more people left, and the more the hours passed, the darker the light felt through the cold frosted windows. A panel of clear glass framed the dim of the grayed out glass allowing just a bit of light to peak through to an otherwise dark world. A square room of light penetrating through a grey abyss keeping that last ray of Hope as the rest of the world around it turned dark.

Photo Observation: Spooky


I took this picture outside of the theatre where the Jabbawockeez Dance group performs in Las Vegas.

Theme: Spooky

Description: A background of shadow and black space. A thee-dimensional form appearing from the darkness brings forth the only source of light and plasticity. Shadow from directly above and directly below creates a ghostly illumination as the distinc features of a pale white face are emphasized even more. The eyes dark under the dimly lit eyebrows, the nose formed through shadow, and the jaw just barely lit, present the spooky contrast of the lips towards the bottom luster of the chin. A sheer finish creates even more of a lifeless form, a mask revealed only by shadow. Singular spotlights present a lonely glow of an eerie apparition.




Lighting Ob #8

  1. 3/16/2016, 2:29pm, Quad outside of Lowe
  2. Objective: The only light given out here is natural sunlight coming from directly above Emily Low hall.
  3. Subjective: The light gives the ultimate feeling of summer. The sun is shining very brightly yet there are shadows being cast by the bare trees that create a contrast in the light. Overall, the feel is extremely calming and serene.

Statue – Tia


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.25.36 PM

Photo Cred:

Theme: Spooky

Description: This is a picture of a statue found in a graveyard. I personally find both statues and graveyards to be very creepy and uncomfortable which is why I chose this picture. The light is cast on the statue’s face at an angle so the shadows that are cast make it look even creepier.

Photo Observation #8: Spooky Moon



This photo was taken by me.

The theme is spooky and it fits this theme because it looks like it could be taken out of a spooky scene from a horror or Halloween film.

The lighting is white and bright like a space alien’s ship coming to abduct someone or that horridly spotless idea of the future that many films attempt to portray. The bright lighting depicted in the animated film Wall-E for inside the space ship where the lazy humans are is similar to this bright moonlight. The light is expansive causing a soft halo to surround it in the night sky. The brightness at night also is spooky because night is meant to be dark in the minds of many. This bright moonlight might peer into a window and wake people up like how the people were wakened up during the Light Riots. The light backlights the tree making it a shadowy silhouette. Moonlight has a history of spookiness with witches flying across it, cows jumping over it, and werewolf’s howling to it; this moonlit picture harkens back to this tradition with the light’s boldness and the silhouetted tree’s bareness. The white light and lingering halo of grey contrast with the night-time blackness like a mysterious power; this starkness and utter lack of an array of colors and stark would be enough to spook a child into hiding under the covers. For all a little child knows, this could be the eye of a huge monster coming to destroy it; and the power (high value) and abundance of this light makes it imposing. The dead, dark world that some might think exists in blackness comes back to life with the bright glow of the moon. However, it is not as alive as day; it is like a half-life or perhaps undead life. After all, in the total dark, one cannot see that the world does not look as alive as the day, but in partial light one can. Thus, the lighting in this picture is spooky as it is a sign that scary things might be out and since it makes things that look bright and alive during the day appear dead, creepy, and unnerving through the limited, bright, far-reaching, and contrasting with the dark surroundings white moonlight.
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.48.56 AM

Lighting Observation #8: Mood Lighting in the Booth

11 March 2016-3:41pm-Colonial Square East Dorm Security Booth and Desk

The sun shines through the window suddenly and illuminates details and causes shadows that weren’t there a moment ago.

The light makes the the window look musty and dirty; like a portal to an older time when windows aren’t clean as much. It gives a a bluish and greenish tint to the pages of my notebook like they are sick with some sort of deadly illness, and it causes many shadows that emphasize the edges of things like lighting a human face to point out wrinkles and age. Overall, the lighting gives a feeling of oldness and allows reflection on the past and present with the tone that it gives to the room and its objects. The light’s reflections off of the binder ring of the binder with the names of the residents in it also add a feeling of magic. It makes the room transform into a timeless place and it causes  reminiscent thoughts. In this moment, the lighting is like that which might be used in a flashback scene in a film. It makes the entire world resemble an old book with its soft and yet powerful light. The light is also golden like the yellowed pages of a book. It shimmers and the shadows flicker a little bit adding to the dream-like quality and feeling of being transported to another time. The distribution of the light comes from the window behind the desk and fills up only about half of the booth where I sit at the desk. It does not touch the cool half of the booth with the exit to the outside world The lighting is reflexive, questioning time, the past, and my perception of these objects with its qualities. The lighting has a feeling of being old and looking back, a feeling of reminiscence.

Lighting Observation #8

Date: 3/11/16 Time: Around 6ish Location: the shop in the NAB

Objective Description: A bright, dreamy, orange-pink sunset in the distance placed behind trees and buildings.

Subjective Description: As I walked into the shop from the theater carrying an arm full of scrap materials I looked up and noticed that the garage style door was open. Through the open door the sky glowed with the orange-pink haze of evening. Seconds before I noticed the sunset in the distance I was stressed out and annoyed. But as soon as the sunset captured my eyes I could not look away and it seemed as if all the weight that had been on my shoulders was momentarily lifted. The beauty of nature captured my attention in a moment of chaos and seemed to be all that mattered for a second.

Photo Observation- Spooky


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.21.43 PM

Theme: Spooky

Description: This photo is a perfect example of the theme “spooky” the black background creates an eerie back drop for the subject of the photo. The awkward light coming from below illuminates the side of the girl’s face and creates long stretched out shadows that do not normally exist. Images like this one can remind us of scary movies or moments when we are supposed to fear something because the unusual shadows are not something we normally see on peoples faces. The single source of light also adds to the “spookiness” of this image.