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Lighting Ob #6

  1. 3/2/2016, 10:39pm, Lowe 106
  2. Objective: Florescent lights used in all of the buildings are turned on. Street lamps shine in from the windows.
  3. Subjective: The light in the room feels drab and uninteresting. I feel like this is due to our common association with florescent lighting. It reminds us of classrooms and office buildings which not many people like. But the light from outside is much nicer. It has a small film around it that brings a peacefulness with the nighttime.

Lighting Observation: 3/4

Date: 2/28/16

Time: 3:34 pm

Location: The Highline NYC

Objective Description: The sun has just started to go start it’s quick decent into the evening and just across the Highline, the Statue of Liberty could be seen. The sun was hitting it at such an angle that it was both reflecting off of it and creating a silhouette.

Subjective Description: The cool breeze sent chills across the spine as the warm sun opposed such sensations from the unusual heat of its rays on that warm February day. The sky was illuminated with hues of blues and pale yellows, revealing a pale pink gradient that painted the afternoon sky. The reflection of an object in the distance emphasized by the sun’s intensity left you no choice but to focus on that singular figure in the middle of a sparkling blue body of water. The silhouette of a woman reaching out towards the sky looked as if she was lighting her torch from the power of the Sun’s burning glow. Liberty was prominent.

Photo Observation: Shadow


This photo was taken by my roommate, Rachel Gurevich, for her self-portrait project.

Theme: Shadow

Description: A world of complete darkness envelopes the atmospheric haze. A black suffocation takes over as the last sliver of hope and the last trace of light swiftly sneaks away. The pavement, cold to the touch without the warmth of a gentle light, becomes cruel and unwelcoming. Yet, the supporting ground is the only sense of security as everything surrounding you starts to fade into the belly of blackness. Half of you begins to fade into the darkness as well, while the other half is illuminated by the dim glow that could disappear just as quickly. Darkness and light, shadow and form, and wholeness that soon disperses into the half that is now lost. The boundary between the two worlds is revealed.

Lighting Observation #6

Date:2/29/16 Time: close to 11pm Location: Unispan

Objective Description: The blurry glow of car lights in the distances contrasting with the dark night sky.

Subjective Description: As I walked across the Unispan from a long day of classes, 55, and time in the library I glanced out and saw the night. People, just like me, trying to make it back home after hours and hours of being out. As I stared the red and white lights from the cars became fuzzy balls of lights fading into the darkness of night. But as soon as some of the lights disappeared more would come. They were always moving and never stopped as if the only goal they had in life was to make it to their destination.