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Light Observation

When: 3/2 Time: 11:00 Location: My room

Objective Description: Looking outside my window at night I see the headlights of planes in the sky as they descend to the airport.

Subjective Description: From my building i can see many planes land at night. When I cant sleep at night, I open my blinds and just watch the line of planes land. The headlights in the sky have a pattern and constantly go in the same path. These little moving lights create this calming and relaxing feeling that helps me fall asleep. The headlights of these planes remind me of moving lights in theater because of the ability to move and shine so brightly.

Photo Observation


Photo taken by: me

This is a picture of my house around Christmas time. I find it very interesting that the light that is shining on the holy family on the left casts an interesting shadow onto my house. The shadow of Joseph looks like the grim reaper in between the four windows on the left. It looks like a hooded dark figure. It brings a spooky feeling during Christmas time.

Light Observation

Time: 5:45 on Wednesday evening

Objective Description: The sun was setting over Manhattan, and the skyscrapers made tall silhouettes that contrasted sharply with the pretty pastel sky.

Subjective Description: I feel lacking in creativity because this isn’t the first time that I’ve written at a sunset, but it was so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. Besides, sunsets are like snowflakes – every one is unique. I have never actually seen a proper New York City sunset, so when I finally had the privilege Wednesday night, I was amazed. I imagine that it is hard to see when you are actually inside the city due to the sheer amount of tall buildings, but I was able to witness a perfect sunset on the train into the city.

I looked out the train window to see one of the most breathtaking sunsets I’ve ever seen. The sky was painted in pastel colors, a soft blue fading into pink and orange. The tall buildings of Manhattan rose up in front of it, silhouetted in front of the glorious sunset. My friend remarked that it looked like a computer wallpaper. I agreed. Sunsets change so quickly, within a matter of minutes, or seconds, even, but that moment was picture-perfect and I felt thankful for having been able to witness it at the best time possible.

Photo Observation 6: Shadow is part of a symbiotic relationship


This photo is from a Huffington Post review of the 2015 Chichester Festival Theatre’s Guys and Dolls.

The theme is shadow; this photo from the number “Love Be a Lady” fits the shadow theme since shadows are used to emphasis the dark setting of this number: the sewer at night. This film uses shadow to create a pattern over the scene likely by way of a gobo.

Shadow strikes across the world in this photo. The darkness and shadows clash and are visible by the bright central white light. The light causes shadow and light patterned like the light went through prison bars or some similar bar structure in order to fall where and how it does in this photo. The lighting would fit Chicago’s cell block tango in certain parts, like when the innocent one speaks, since it has this dark feeling of imprisonment. The light has a mystery to it with its shadows and contrasting brightness. This mystery invites feelings of loneliness and thoughts of reflection since only shadows keep you company and the bright light is like that of a mirror reflecting a white wall in a lavatory. Shadow is a contrast and this photo contains that contrast though maybe not as starkly as a bright sun’s light causing shadows. The lighting here still has that stealthy and mysterious tone of shadow and the battle and yet symbiotic relationship between light and dark.

Lighting Observation 6: The light of Death illuminates a branch

29 Feb. 2016 at 6:40pm – Outside Dutch Treats

A soft bluish white light from the glowing sign of Dutch Treats shines on the branches of a bare tree right outside this establishment.

The light was sad, cold, pure, and spooky. Blue and white, faint and bright, the light varies as it hits the tree in different places. The tree with the cool light looks skeletal and deathly. Death rides on a pale horse and if Death carried a staff made out of a tree, then the staff would be lit to look just like this. The gloom but yet beauty of this bright light reflecting off of the bare tree is haunting and captivating. The mood created by this lighting scene is gloomy and the lighting is brings forth a mood that one might feel at a funeral.

Photo Observation 6


Photo Credit:

Theme: shadow

Description: This photo is of a cemetery, something that is already creepy to begin with, but is even creepier with the shadows cast by the uniform crosses. The light source in this photo seems far away, which makes this photo feel sad, like hope is also far away. The shadows are elongated and the crosses are silhouetted, making the photo seem dark and gloomy. The fact that all of the crosses are the same and all cast a similar shadow makes it seem like the cemetery can go on and on forever, like there is no end to this somber setting. Also because there is snow on the ground, the value of the light is clearly noticeable. The lightest value starting from the top is clearly where the light source is, and it slowly blends perfectly to the darkest point which is at the bottom of the photo. This photo has an overall feel of creepy and melancholy which is emphasized through the placement of the light and the creation of shadows.

Lighting Observation 6

Date: 3/2/2016 Time: 6:00 p.m. Location: On the shuttle near Fulton Ave

Objective Description: The sun is just starting to set, so the colors are pastel looking being mostly blue and a light orange. The wires coming from the telephone poles and the tall, industrial structures that liter the sky are all silhouetted.

Subjective Description: The soft colors of the sky, orange and blue, were blended together effortlessly. The sky, although the sun was setting, still seemed to have a glow to it, even though it was not providing much light. In contrast, the black silhouette of the poles, wires, and metal structures lining the streets stood out as dark and gloomy. The thing that stood out the most was the overlapping silhouettes of the seemingly thousands of wires that covered the sky. The dark nest of twisted and intertwined strings above the bus seemed so out of place being in the foreground of the soft, pastel sky. The fact that there was such a contrast between the foreground and background emphasized the infinite amount of wires which may not have been as noticeable during the daytime. The slight change of lighting brought out qualities of the surroundings that otherwise may have been missed.