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Lighting Observation 7

Date: 3/7/16

Time: 8:50am

Location: Library cafe

Objective description: The sunlight from the window behind me shines through my coffee casting different colored light on the wooden table.

Subjective description: Pure sunlight streams in through the window behind me.  As it hits my clear coffee cup, the light penetrates it and cast a warm amber color onto the wooden table on which it sits.  The light transforms and becomes something completely different just from  a simple coffee cup and reflects a beautiful color onto the table.

Photo Observation 7


Theme: Single source, artificial light

Description: A single light shines from behind a young girl in a dress.  As she pulls out her skirt in a fashion as if she were taking a curtsy, the light shines through the thin material showing shadow where her body is underneath.  Her face is in shadow and her long figure cast a shadow out in front of her. The photo and lighting give a sense of mystery as you can not see her face or much detail yet feels friendly from her posture.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.53.29 AM