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Photo Observation


Photo Credit: Arash Khames on Flickr

Theme: Creepy

Description: This is the kind of forest from a horror movie, or a video game, or a nightmare. Take your pick, honestly. Although natural light is the only light present, it is masked by the thick fog permeating the forest. The fog pollutes the sun, which is normally a good thing, and turns it into something scary and unwelcoming. The way the silhouette trees fade into the background is quite creepy. There are no distinguishing landmarks, and something could jump out from the shadows at any time. It’s not a place I’d want to be at night – or during the day.



I wasn’t sure how to do the diagram for this post so I did it from the photographer’s point of view.

Light Observation

Time: 2:00 pm Friday, outside Cafe on the Quad

Objective Description: The sun was shining, making everything look warm. The plants had finally started growing. It was a perfect spring day.

Subjective Description: I was outside Cafe on the Quad, finally enjoying an iced tea because it’s not freezing cold any more. Sunlight coated everything in sight. The trees, bushes, buildings, and even the stone tables and benches looked warm, welcoming, and happy. There were barely any clouds in the sky to mar this perfect sight. The soft, natural sunlight made it really feel like spring. It felt like all living things were reaching for the sky and growing into something beautiful. This was the first time I noticed buds on the trees and tulips starting to sprout. Like the plants, I felt encouraged by the sun and positive and excited about what is to come in the future.

But that lighting tho..

Date: 3/9/2016 Time: 2:20 pm Location: By the stadium

Objective: In its basic sense, I was watching the sunlight from the oddly summer-like afternoon bounce off the gates of the stadium and the lions.

Subjective: As it was my first time ever being in front of the stadium I couldn’t help but feel dream about one of Hofstra’s many sport teams having a game at the stadium and a large amount of students all come out to support then at the end there’s a massive flood of bodies pouring out through the 3 gates on they’re way back home. The stadium in that amber glow makes me wish the students had more school spirit.

Photo Observation

single source artificial light

This picture stood out to me because the shadow of the girl’s figure is so distorted due to the angle of light, and instead of being the typical light illuminating a figure in darkness, this still seemed to be a single source of light, but illuminated the entire shot, leaving the shadow as a negative space. The light still seems to be artificial however, as it is on about the same plane as the figure. If I had to give this photo an “idea” or meaning it would be that there is far more to a person beyond the surface and the physical, as suggested by the girl’s shadow being far larger than her body.

Lighting Ob #7

  1. 3/1//12016, 7:59am. My room
  2. Objective:Sunlight spilling through the blinds in my room
  3. Subjective: Each section of sunlight spills through the holes in the blinds creating the overall feeling of morning. It creates the picture that almost all of us associate with getting up but for some reason it appears to be beautiful instead of dreadful

Light Observation

Time: 11:45 pm Thursday, my room

Objective Description: My room was lit only by the string lights on my bed posts and the dim lights from the lamps outside.

Subjective Description: I had turned off the overhead light in my room, and slowly my eyes adjusted to the darkness, only to find it wasn’t darkness at all. I left the blinds open, so a small amount of light from the lampposts and the occasional car driving by outside lit my room up just enough. The light shining through my window lit up the back wall with blurry spots of gentle, yellow light. That paired with the tiny fairy string lights on my bed posts made the room look very cozy and almost magical. It was nice to end the night on a positive note, sitting quietly in the peace of the semidarkness.

Friday, March 11th 2016, 1:30am, Student Center

Objective: The mixture of cool fluorescent light on the walls and in some of the ceiling light fixtures, mixed with the few miscellaneous warm lights give the space an unharmonious feeling.

Subjective: The lighting in the student center is always a little bit off, but this especially shows in the darkest times of night. There is a mixture between very warm and very cool lighting fixtures, making the space feel off balance.


One light, Artificial

From: Online

Theme: Single source, artificial light

Description: While looking through pictures, at first glance I dismissed this photo because I originally thought it was just a drawing of a shadow. But then, I was intrigued by how the colors of the balloon was so vibrant. To which after I clicked and zoomed in the photo I noticed it was a woman standing after seeing the shadows under her feet. I found it so interesting how after learning how to use light to increase the plasticity of actors, the lighting in this photo did the opposite and gave the appearance of being completely flat.



Photo Credit: Myself

Theme: Artificial Light

Description: This is a photo I took at the Dia:Beacon Art Gallery over Winter break, where there were multiple exhibits featuring different aspects of light. This was one of my favorites by artist Dan Flavin, which featured neon light in different colors, shapes, and sizes. This piece featured many white neon circles stacked almost like a staircase and created an interesting silhouette when my friend Sage stood in front of it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.01.32 AM

Photo Observation


Photo Credit:

Theme: Single-source

Description: This picture is lit from the bottom, creating an eerie effect. Bottom lighting is highly unnatural, as it lights up and casts shadows on parts of the face that are opposite that of what we see in everyday life. Something about bottom light makes this man look almost inhuman.

One of my favorite things about this photo is that you can see the shadow of this man’s eyelashes and they look so long that it almost looks like he’s wearing fake eyelashes. That doesn’t really add to the creepiness, but it’s a bit of a funny observation.



(White light)

(Sorry I forgot to type this in the diagram)