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Lighting Observation #8

Date: 3/11/16 Time: Around 6ish Location: the shop in the NAB

Objective Description: A bright, dreamy, orange-pink sunset in the distance placed behind trees and buildings.

Subjective Description: As I walked into the shop from the theater carrying an arm full of scrap materials I looked up and noticed that the garage style door was open. Through the open door the sky glowed with the orange-pink haze of evening. Seconds before I noticed the sunset in the distance I was stressed out and annoyed. But as soon as the sunset captured my eyes I could not look away and it seemed as if all the weight that had been on my shoulders was momentarily lifted. The beauty of nature captured my attention in a moment of chaos and seemed to be all that mattered for a second.

Photo Observation- Spooky


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.21.43 PM

Theme: Spooky

Description: This photo is a perfect example of the theme “spooky” the black background creates an eerie back drop for the subject of the photo. The awkward light coming from below illuminates the side of the girl’s face and creates long stretched out shadows that do not normally exist. Images like this one can remind us of scary movies or moments when we are supposed to fear something because the unusual shadows are not something we normally see on peoples faces. The single source of light also adds to the “spookiness” of this image.