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Photo Observation 8

prvCreepy Tree

Photo Credit:

Theme: Spooky

Description: This photo is of a tree that is silhouetted by the light of the moon at night. This photo feels spooky because of the darkness of the tree. The moon is always associated with scary things, so having that be the single source of light for this photo makes it feel scary as well. Also the blackness of the night sky creeping in on the light of the moon is spooky because it makes it feel like the one source of light and safety is being threatened.



Lighting Observation 8

Date: 3/17/2016 Time: 10:45 p.m. Location: Lowe stairwell

Objective Description: The light in the stairwell itself has gone out. It is also dark outside so there is no light from the window coming in. The only light coming illuminating the stairwell is coming from the top and bottom halls.

Subjective Description: This lighting moment was kind of creepy. The fact that the building which is normally bright and bursting with loud and lively people was now dark and quiet really made it feel more out of place than a regular dark stairwell would have. Also the lighting not being fully dark was almost worse because that in-between, dimly lit effect makes everything feel just slightly off and uncomfortably creepy instead of just being flat out terrifying.

Unlock these chains..


From: Online

Theme: Spooky

Description: The lighting shown is some back-light yet the bodies aren’t shown, but shadows. This fits the theme spooky because shadows are known to be an integral part of the soul. As popularly known, vampires, who have no soul typically does not have a shadow or a reflection. Thus, I thought this photo was pretty creepy or spooky because it’s just the sneakers yet the shadows of the children still linger on which begs the question, are their souls restrained to the earth? And why can’t they pass on to the other side? Also, I thought about when we talked about the possibility of becoming invisible by warping the light behind you, around you so in both instances I thought this photo was pretty dope.



Photo Credit: Myself

I took this photo in Kings Park, NY last semester with a group of friends.

Description: This image is lit with a single backlight in the form of daylight coming in through a broken window, contrasted with strong darkness surrounding the silhouette, the only things visible are directly in front of the light source, otherwise completely lost in the darkness.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.01.32 AM

Lighting Observation: 3/18

Date: 3/13/2016

Time: 1:19 AM

Location: Lahey Hospital: Burlington, Mass.

Obye give Description: The family waiting room area was placed directly inside of the central and critical care area. Because it was right next to the nurses station, it had to be lit 24/7, although the windows in the family waiting room were frosted to reflect less light, it seemed similar to the sun trying to peak through the clouds on an impossibly cloudy day.


Subjective Description: A dark night, but a dimly-lit room. It felt lighter earlier in the day, however, that would have been impossible since the windows were far anew isolated from that general location. It became clear that as more people left, and the more the hours passed, the darker the light felt through the cold frosted windows. A panel of clear glass framed the dim of the grayed out glass allowing just a bit of light to peak through to an otherwise dark world. A square room of light penetrating through a grey abyss keeping that last ray of Hope as the rest of the world around it turned dark.

Photo Observation: Spooky


I took this picture outside of the theatre where the Jabbawockeez Dance group performs in Las Vegas.

Theme: Spooky

Description: A background of shadow and black space. A thee-dimensional form appearing from the darkness brings forth the only source of light and plasticity. Shadow from directly above and directly below creates a ghostly illumination as the distinc features of a pale white face are emphasized even more. The eyes dark under the dimly lit eyebrows, the nose formed through shadow, and the jaw just barely lit, present the spooky contrast of the lips towards the bottom luster of the chin. A sheer finish creates even more of a lifeless form, a mask revealed only by shadow. Singular spotlights present a lonely glow of an eerie apparition.