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Photo Observation: Gentle


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.12.19 PM

Theme: Gentle

Description: This is an image of a woman standing by a window in the early morning absorbing the light of the early day. It is an example of  gentle light because the light coming through the window is  warm, but not blindingly bright. As the woman in the photo is slowly getting ready for the day ahead of her so is the sun in the distance.

Lighting Observation #9

Date: 4/4/16 Time: 10:30ish pm Location: Terminal 5 at a concert

Objective Description: Purple, blue and yellow flashing lights covering a stage and dancing along the floor.

Subjective Description: The colorful lights danced across the stage and flashed as the rapper jumped around the stage preforming. The lights followed his movement and the excitement of the song as if they were being controlled by his voice. The bright lights amplified the excitement of the crowed and overall mood of the event.