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Photo Observation 11/Four Seasons

  1. Fall Sunset in Vermont

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.40.16 PM

Cyc: bottom AP7450 at 50%, top R76 at full

Back light: one AP7450 at full, two RE442 at 50%

Top light: one AP2100 at 25%


Angle: All back light with one top light

When I think of a sunset, I think of objects silhouetted against a warm sky that fades from one color to the next.  I wanted the warmer colors near the bottom of the cyc since the sun would be sinking towards the horizon and the cool blue of night higher up.  I also used only back light to show the sun was behind the person and that was the only source of light.

2. Spring Sunrise in Montauk

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.34.50 PM

Cyc: bottom G990 at 50% with AP7450 at 25%, top G820 at 75%

Top side light: RE442 at 50% with G990 at 25%

Top light: AP2100 at 50% with texture, G820 at 50%

Angle: Top light and back side light

When I thought of Montauk, I thought of the beach with a sunrise.  Therefore I used a gentle purple and orange on the bottom of the cyc and a cool gray/blue for the top.  I then uses textures and golds, blues and purples to make the floor look like the sunrise reflecting off of the ocean water.


3. Summer Noon in Hawaii

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 2.46.29 PM

Cyc: bottom R65 at full, top RE130 at full

Top light: two RE442 at 50% and one AP2100 at 25%

Top side light: three of AP2100 at 50% and three of RE442 at 75%


Angle: Top and side light

I have never been to Hawaii but I would assume a hot mid-summer day would have a crisp blue sky and a continuous flood of warm orange sunlight.  I used top and side light to simulate the sun coming down from directly above the person while the cyc is a cool piercing blue.

4. Winter Afternoon in Maine

spring afternoon

Cyc: bottom Re442 at full, top L709 at 75%

Side light: 3 with RE442  at 50%, two with L709 at 25%

Top light: one with RE442 at 50%

Angle: Mainly side light with a  little top light.

I used mainly side light with a  little top light to simulate the sun slowly beginning to set. The colors of nature in winter to me also appear to always be cooler and therefore I used a crisp pale blue and cool toned yellow not he cyc.