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1) This lighting moment was taken on August 5, 2016 at 8:36pm on a plane going to Louisiana.

2) The light is a sunset above the clouds. Theme sunrise/sunset.

3) Sunrise and sunsets gives me different feelings. In this picture I was on a plane and decided to capture the beautiful essence of the light. The sunset above the clouds looks different from viewing below the ground. The yellow light radiates with orange and brings me to my happy place. It makes me feel warm and calm, I feel like I’m on a tropical island relaxing and my worries disappear. The clouds reflect from the sun and bring out a light, soft, pink color. It may sound cliche but the clouds are like cotton candy because of how soft and delicate it looks from the view of the window.

Photo Observation

  1. I took this photo this past August at sunset while driving with my family to Coney Island.
  2. The theme is Sunrise/Sunset.
  3. Personally, when I think of both a sunrise and a sunset, I think of summertime.  The blend of the warm colors conjures up feelings of comfort and happiness; it is a very inviting and welcoming sensation seeing the sun rise or fall.  This picture radiates those same feelings for me – maybe it’s because I took the picture myself and I have a personal connection to it, but between the coloring, the way the rays were reflecting on the dashboard, and knowing our destination was Coney Island, a very summer-y place, this picture embodied everything a sunset means to me.