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Lighting Observation #1

1st of February, 11pm, my dorm.

Light rays from the back of a lamp hitting the wall at an angle, distorting the shape of the rays, creating an interesting interlocking polygon pattern, contrasting the harsh light of the lamp.

Spear like shapes climbing the wall from my desk and covering my bed, causing a sense of dread to grow within as sleep and comfort are pushed farther from me, replaced by harsh light and chains climbing the walls around me.

Photo #1 Sunset

Red Sky at Night, Shepard’s Delight

Photo taken by me, December 23rd 2016 at Heathrow Airport.

Theme: Sunset

The highlights and shadows of the suns rays give the clouds the appearance of crashing waves across the sky crashing towards the horizon, as the setting suns glow spreads across the horizon like light reflecting on the sea.

Photo Observation 1

2) Sunrise Technologies powered by Microsoft

3) Sunrise/sunset

4) The sunrise appears so powerful that it blocks the ocean and most of the background of the photo. It feels warm and simple yet beautiful. it creates feelings hope for the future. The beach and grass is dark enough to still remain visible despite the overwhelming light behind it.

Lighting Observation #1

  1. 2/2/17, 5:32 pm, the NAB
  2. The sun was setting, casting an orange light on the front of the NAB. The trees behind Lowe had cast a shadow on the NAB.
  3. Walking with squinting eyes to rehearsal due to the blinding sun, I look up at the NAB. The shadow that the trees had created on the NAB, cutting through the warm orange glow the sun created, was very settling. The lighting was comforting, giving the impression that the day was almost at an end. The warm, pleasant light was slowly fading and the darkness of night was welcomed.

Lighting Observation 1

  1. Thursday 7:10am in my dorm room. I had just been woken up by my roommate.
  2. The light was orange in color and it was slipping through the open spaces of the shades on my window. Just a small amount of light was peaking through a few of the spaces in the corner of the shade.
  3. The light was a bright tangerine orange. I couldn’t see its source, but I knew it was the sun leaking in to the cracks of the shades and invading the small piece of the window sill with its faded value. Anger and hatred filled the room. The last thing I wanted to see at that time was sunlight. Sunlight indicated the day had started and it was time to stop sleeping. How dare the sunlight sneak into my room and disturb my sweet slumber.