Archive for February 8th, 2017

Light Observation

  1. Monday, February 6th, 6:30am; Bill of Rights Hall, Hofstra University
  2. Watching the sun just rising over Shuart Stadium through the window.
  3. Coming to Hofstra has given me the best sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life, but this one was especially superb.  After being up at 6:00am to finish some work (much to my dismay), this beautifully captivating burst of rich orange and yellow was a better wake-up than coffee.  What first seemed to be one of Hofstra’s average sunrises, slowly turned into the beautiful sky seeping with blood-orange; it looked like it was something out of a movie.  Despite its brightness and intensity, I couldn’t help but to marvel at its beauty, and the inspiration it gave me for the rest of the day.

Photo Observation

  1. Found on Google under the search ‘Cold Picture’; url:; Photographer/Designer Unknown
  2. Theme: Cold
  3. I felt this photo was best for the ‘cold’ theme because of the way the light accentuates the snow and somewhat foggy sky.  Not only does it look cold because of the snow, but the colors are all very cool tones, and the light streaking through the cloudy sky gives is an ominous and chilled effect.  It reminds me of a foreboding barren landscape; the kind of cold where everything is completely silent and almost haunting.  Adding in the footprints and the imprint of where someone once sat on the bench, it feels both cold in atmosphere and cold in emotion.