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Lighting Observation

  1. 2/9/17, 5:36 pm, Estabrook Hall
  2. OBJECTIVE: In the lounge on the 13th floor of Estabrook, the sunset is peaking through the clouds and coming in through the windows. The light coming from the sunset passes through the icicle, creating shadows on the couch.
  3. SUBJECTIVE: As the snowstorm departs, the sun begins to slowly make its way out of the clouds. The sky fills with colors as the sun slowly sets into the horizon, filling the room with a calming feeling. As the clouds continue to pass, the light shines through the icicles left hanging on the window from the storm. This creates specs of light scattered around the room and casts shadows the shape of the icicles on the couch. The wide array of colors within the sunset leaves a warm and comforting feeling in the room after the departure of the intense storm.

Lighting Observation #2

Thursday 9th of February, 6:00pm, inter-mural fields.

Bright white stadium lights only casting lights across one side of a snow covered field, creating a shadow from a snowman.

Pure white light shoots from the stadium lighting, causing the snow to glow against the darkness of the night. The sea of white is only interrupted by a stretched and distorted shadow of a snowman, as if trying to escape the light but tethered to its spot.

Photo Observation #2

Photo taken from Pintrest. Theme: Cold

The harsh streetlamps loom overhead, illuminating the the never-ending stretch of empty road. The uniform blue lights reaching off into the distance emphasizes the hollow and lonely world created within the photo, evoking a sense of unease.

Photo Observation 2- Cold

  1. I found this photo online:
  2. Theme: Cold
  3. The lighting in this photo is very dark and dense. Whenever i look at this picture, my feet immediately feel like ice.  I believe this effect has to do with the gray tones and the textures of the ground.

Light Observation 2

  1. The Paramount theatre, Huntington, NY on Wednesday Feb. 4th 2017
  2. DNCE’s set was all white and only white light was used to light the stage until the band entered. Once they entered, only colored light was used.
  3. I was exhausted after standing for hours waiting for this band; the white light wasn’t helping at all. But once the band members came onstage, the theatre filled with color and I felt such a sense of joy and happiness. I felt a renewed sense of energy and I ended up enjoying the concert immensely.

Photo Observation

  2. Cold
  3. The lighting in this photo consists of mainly cool tones. The cool toned lighting surrounding the chair combined with the concrete walls give the room a sense of coldness. The blue light bouncing off of the concrete wall emphasizes the bleakness of the room. The lack of warm colors further gives the room an icy feeling.

Photo Observation 2

  1. 123RF Stock Photos
  2. Cold
  3.  I thought this photo did a decent job in showing how the lighting changes based on the season. By comparing the bright sunny and warm lighting of the ocean scape during the warmer months to the dark depressing and frigid winter months, it really makes the winter picture feel colder to me than it would on its own.

Light Observation 2

  1. Wednesday February 8th 4:00pm The Peacock Lounge at NBC Studios.
  2. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to get tickets to see a taping of The Tonight Show. After we we admitted into the studio we were put in a waiting area in the studio called the Peacock Lounge. In addition to some couches and some curtains, there were dozens of monitors all around the room with pictures from previous guests on the show that changed every few seconds. However, the lighting in the room was very special. The ceiling was lit around the edges with orangey yellow light and there were 4 pillars in the room that would change from blue to orange as the monitors changed around them as well.
  3. The lights that illuminated most of the room were a warm and happy orangey yellow color. It was almost as if a sunrise was peaking out from a ledge just beneath the entire edge of the ceiling. Then each of the four pillars in the room had interchanging blue and orange light on two sides and a monitor with pictures from the show on the other two sides. As the colors and photos changed I felt starstruck. The lighting of the Peacock Lounge made me feel special and excited to be a part of something so magical.


  1. I took this February 9th, 12:40 PM, on the Hempstead turnpike.
  2. cold
  3. This photo of the Netherlands unispan completely lacks color. It is very dark and bleak. I was walking along the road and felt chilled to the bone. Seeing the empty roads and grey world caused me to imagine that this was the true snowpocalypse.

Lighting Observation 2

  1. February 9th, 2017, Stuyvesant hall, my dorm
  2. the light from the sunset is shining into my dorm and making a rectangle shape on our closets. The light is very orange and warm. My rainbow Star of David sun catcher is glowing.
  3. The storm has settled just in time for the sun to set. The sky above it is blue and pink, and surrounding the sun are bright orange streaks. After a day of chilling weather, it makes me feel so warm. I can’t avoid smiling when I look out of the window.