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Photo Observation

  1. The Magic Camera by Eve (WordPress blog)
  2. Theme: Nightlife
  3. When I think of night life, I immediately think of NYC (Times Square specifically), bright lights, and fast excitement.  While New York is always a hub of bright, exciting energy, the energy at night is so different, and I feel the lighting in this picture displays that perfectly.  I love the blur of the car lights because they’re moving so fast; I feel that’s the focal point and embodiment of night life in this picture.  The contrast between the black night and the bright, blinding lights of the billboards and marquees also are what make New York night life so unique.

Lighting Observation

  1. February 14th, 2017 (Valentine’s Day!); 8:42 am; walking past the Rugby fields on North Campus.
  2. The morning sunlight reflecting off of the snow on the fields.
  3. As I was walking back from the gym, the light bouncing off of the snow kept catching my eye in an unusual way.  It was just warm enough that the snow was melting, but still cold enough for it to be frozen; combined with the sunlight gleaming on it, the snow looked like giant globs of glazed, iced frosting.  The smooth, glistening frosting-like snow suddenly made me hungry (or maybe that was the workout talking), and I found myself unable to look away from the tasty morning light.