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Lighting Observation

2/22/17   6:30 PM  Shapiro Family Hall; Hofstra University

Sparks coming off of machinery as someone worked (the sparks were not a danger, they were expected to appear).  Thick sparks flying out in all directions within in the area of a large beach ball.

Small fireworks went off in a never ending succession.  The hot teardrops fled from one another to dissipate into nothing.  The fierce energy exploding as tension within the machinery ground out the fireflies like bees swarming out of their nest as it’s being destroyed.  Then, they are gone.

Photo Observation #4

  1. My friend Em during Tech
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. I thought this picture looked mysterious because Em is a very mysterious person and this lighting makes her look even more so. I love the way the blue light from the clip[ lamp reflects off her blonde hair; it makes it almost a silvery color.

Photo Observation Mysterious

2.) This photo was taken by Jovana: 285835806

3.) Mysterious

4.) A purple lit path through a mountain where people can raft on the salt waters surrounded by the earth.  Where one would expect a sky there is the ground, the ground above looks as if the moon were bearing down just above the earth over everyone’s’ heads.  The bizarre feeling of another world is created by the purple lights casting unique shadows and light in the tunnel.

Lighting Observation #4

  1. 2 am in my dorm (Feb. 24, 2017)
  2. My desk lamp is casting a small circular shadow on my poser of William Shakespeare
  3. As i struggle to stay awake, I find myself constantly being distracted by how the light from my desk lamp dances across my poster. These dizzying circular motions makes my world spin and i can’t tell if my mind is playing tricks on me or if the light is really dancing.

Photo Observation #4

  1. February 21st, Emily Lowe, Taken by Me
  2. Mysterious
  3. I was walking out of Emily Lowe late one night, and i looked at the trees and the way the light hits the trees, it cast all of these shadows on the branches and in the contrast of the night sky it seemed very mysterious.  It was very weird to walk outside to an empty campus and see all these twisted branches and shadows, it felt like i was in a movie.

Light Observation #4

  1. February 21, Suffolk Dorm ParkingLot
  2. All of the lamps in the parking lot were out, except for one lone Lamp at the far end of the parking lot. It cast a very dim, eery shadow across the small, narrow parking lot. The light bounced of some of the cars, creating strange shadows and reflections.
  3. I was looking out of the window of my dorm late one night, and i had noticed that all of the light posts were out, except the one at the end. It cast a really white, dim light across the parking lot. The way it bounced off the cars and carved eery shadows along the cars and trees was so cool.

Photo Observation #4

2. This photo came from a storm chaser blog at

3. Mysterious

4. Though the sky is dark, the land is submersed in a strange yellow glow. The green of the grass is unnaturally bright: it is screaming for help, but the storm has already taken hold of the sky, taking the sun away and filling its place with darkness. And soon it will wreak havoc on the land as well. Where does the yellow haze come from and how long will it last before everything becomes dark?

Light Observation #4

  1. February 21 at 3:30pm on Oak Bridge in Central Park.
  2. The sun had not yet begun to set, but the sky had gotten a bit darker since midday, and the sky was white and light grayish-blue. The sky shone through the trees and reflected the city skyline onto the ripples of the water in the lake below.
  3. The sky seemed tired as it slowly faded into a melancholy blue and gray. But it still had enough energy to peer through the dark, gnarly and barren trees and to breathe life into ripples of the water below. The city skyline calmly watched itself in the slow, even movement of the lake as blue and gray and purple and brown and white melded together in a dry winter afternoon haze.