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Photo Observation

I took the photo


Lurking around Hofstra one night, I noticed the light of the bears’ statue looked particularly ominous.  I’d never even noticed the light shining on the bears during daylight hours, so the distortion of the bears in the night was quite spooky.  Hofstra probably intended them to represent something good, but they look creepy nonetheless and I hadn’t ever noticed the statue until encountering it as the beast it appeared to be.

Light Observation

3/27/17  7:30 PM  Netherlands North

Relatively dark in the surrounding area; the point of interest being the sky.  It was a deep, rich blue and there was nothing in the sky except for the moon.

The stars had not yet arrived, the sky looked as if it was the deep ocean, with only the moon resting within.  As if it were a painting, it had no flaws and everything looked intentional.  I could not picture a more perfect sky if I tried, and the color has stayed vivid in my mind.

Light Observation #8

  1. Wednesday, March 29 at 7pm walking west down Hempstead Turnpike, facing the east unispan and the Hofstra Dome.
  2. The sun was setting exactly behind the dome, creating a halo of light around it: white, then yellow, then orange faded into grayish blue.
  3. The sunset made the dome look majestic, angelic even, as it framed the enormous smooth white structure with a giant halo of multi-colored light. It was as if the dome reached and owned the entire sky and wanted to make sure everyone knew it. Somehow the obstruction of the very center of the sunset made the whole thing brighter, bolder, and more vibrant—it was beautiful and could not be ignored.

Photo Observation #8

  2. Spooky
  3. This photo is spooky because of the creepy Halloween Jack-o-lantern carvings, but more importantly because of the shapes and colors of the light and shadows that the pumpkins create. The light shining through the flesh of the pumpkin has a soft orange and red glow, which establishes a feeling of fear and unease. Also, the shapes of the pumpkins and their carvings create ominous patterns of shadows on the walls that make everything seem mysterious, uncertain, and deceptive.


Lighting Observation

Date: 27th of March, Complete works Dress rehearsal, back stage.

Objective Description: Single light behind the globe set in the centre.

Subjective description: Amongst the madness of the back stage rush, with shadows flitting this way and that, never standing still, there was a beam of light left in peace. No shadows crossed it, no panic reached it. It was an island of clam amongst the chaos, a constant sign of serenity to steady the nerves and focus the mind.

Photo Observation

From: Halloween 2016, own photo

Theme: Spooky

Description: The eerie glow is just enough to show the figure blocking the path, bringing them out of the shadow but not separating them from the darkness. The shadows shield its eyes, masking the madness that i know is lurking there.

Light Observation

  1. 11:30pm Monday night in the lounge of my suite.
  2. The light from my green and blue lava lamp that also doubles as a speaker was still on. I was staring at it from my bed because I had forgotten to turn it off and shut the door to my room.
  3. As the green globs of goo floated around in the electric blue liquid of my lava lamp, it brought me back to a better time in my life. As a kid I had one just like it and they always brought me solace and peace. they had calming therapeutic powers to me. It brought back happy memories of my listening to blink-182 CDs in my room with my lava lamp on. As the nostalgia built up i walked over to the lamp, smiled, and turned it off.

Photo Observation

1. drama 16 single source light 2


3. Spooky

4. Owls are spooky creatures. They hunt their prey at night, they can rotate their head 180 degrees, and they’re silent when in flight. what makes this photo spooky, however, isn’t the owl itself. the way the owl is lit is very eerie. Its lit from behind with a faint white light from the moon. You can tell its an owl only from its silhouette. The light doesn’t show any of its gorgeous features only the dark mysterious body of this spooky creature.

Light Observation

  1. 3/30/17, 10:30 pm, Unispan
  2.  Cars are passing underneath the unispan with their headlights on. It is raining and the light is shining on the raindrops.
  3. As I walk up the Unispan on my way home, I realize that it had rained while I was in rehearsal. The raindrops had clung onto the glass of the unispan, slowly making their way down to the bottom of the glass windows. The light coming from cars passing underneath illuminates the darkness outside of the unispan. This same light is caught for a moment on each raindrop,causing a faint sparkle, but vanishes quickly along with its source. It reminds me of how I used to fall asleep back home by listening to the sound of passing cars and watching as the light passes through my window. This simple scene creates a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Lighting Observation

  1. An Alley between W. 53rd st and W. 52nd St.
  2. The string lights in trees cast beautiful shadows over a crowd of people.
  3. I was turning the corner into a back street hoping to make my trek downtown a little shorter and there were a bunch of trees lining the small street, filled with twinkling christmas lights and they cast some really incredible shadows over the small crowd of people walking through the night.