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Insane Environment

  1. Location: Acid Fields, March 29, 2017 at 1:30.
  2. Objective: The fields are covered by mist with rain falling down. Threatening grey clouds cover the sky, bringing an anger down towards the ground.
  3. Subjective: This is a haunting apocalyptic look that our environment has been showing in recent years. There is a madness that can be felt throughout as the rain falls. Maybe it the madness is only scary. Or maybe the craziness hides a bloodthirsty hunger.

Photo Observation


  1. Pinterest, Film “Psycho” By: Alfred Hitchcock
  2. Whenever i hear the word “Spooky” i automatically think of horror movies, and there are no other horror movies with better use of lighting than Hitchcock films. This scene from Psycho is not so much terrifying as it is clever for its use of lighting the killer directly from the back to conceal the identity until the end of the movie.

Holding Onto the Girl in Green Haunt

Spooky diagram


Theme: Spooky

Description: A girl is standing alone, holding an axe. Her face and lower body are shrouded in shadows. The light shining through the window turns makes the blackness retreat as a haunting green aura fills the room. What is seen besides the are the cracked walls and rotting tiles of the room.

To me, this is the what holding onto the past looks like and not moving on. Just as ghosts cannot move onto the afterlife, this photo is stuck in a rotting place full of rotting memories.

Photo Observation


3. Spooky

4. The only light seen in this photo is backlight coming from the end of the hallway behind the figure. When there is a smaller amount of light in a room than usual, it gives the space a spookier feel to it. This photo emphasizes that concept by masking the features of the person through a single back light and no light in front of the person.

Light Observation

  1. 3/29/17, around 7 PM, outside of my building
  2. Rych cancelled class so I spent pretty much the whole day inside getting work done. I left my building around the time of the sunset. It wasn’t spectacular, just average. Everything seemed very fresh in the fading sunlight.
  3. The almost humid air felt velvety on my skin as I walked across the road in the fading light. It was getting darker, the world looked almost silver, very clean. It looked like a fresh summer evening.

lighting Observation

  1. Thursday Morning in my dorm room.
  2. Sun light shining under my blinds and hitting my coffee in just the right way.
  3. I despise mornings, I need an hour and about 4 coffees to really feel human, but I’ve decided I need to wake up earlier.  So, Thursday I woke up with enough time to make coffee in my dorm instead of buying on my way to class.  My blinds are all the way down but the golden sun light is creeping under the lower edge and landing in a sharp oblong trapezoid shape on my desk. I set down my coffee in the pool of morning sun light and the way the light hit the curve of the cup. It looked so soft and cozy, it was everything that was right about mornings.

photo observation

  2. In this grey light I think the reactor looks spooky looming in the dark. There is just a spooky mystery lingering around nuclear things. They just seem dangerous.

Lighting Observation

  1. Sitting in the library on Wednesday night around 10:50 pm.
  2. Bright light hitting a white statue.
  3. The statue itself is pure white, as well as the light hitting it. i can see every inch of the statue in perfect detail. But staring at it too long is beginning to hurt my eyes. However, i can’t seem to look away.


  1. This is a still from the 2016 movie Hush. (94% on Rotten Tomatoes)
  2. Spooky
  3. The photo is from a heart-pounding thriller, and this moment captures the climax. The woman is sitting in her dark bathroom, only the “moonlight” illuminating her. The lines from the shade point towards her. It is spooky because of the shadows and lack of light, and the light source makes the room a cool grey blue.

Photo Observation

  1. I found this on Pintrest
  2. Theme: Spooky
  3. Whenever i look at this photo, i feel a sense of unease. The eerie light coming through the trees isn’t illuminating everything and because of that, it makes one’s imagination go wild. I always think there’s something there watching me.