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Lighting Observation #5

  1. Adams playhouse, Tuesday February 28th, Stage left wing
  2. Objective: I was sitting backstage helping Sara with a quick change when i noticed that there was one single beam of light coming from on stage and it hit Sara perfectly. The light was only big enough to light up her face and it was all i could see against the darkness of the wings.
  3. Subjective: All i could see was black. I could hear the muffled voices of actors and stage when a flash of light caught my eye. I followed the beam of light and the only thing i could see was the faint glow of Sara’s face. It was kind of beautiful to see this thin beam of light and the faint visibility of the outline of sara backstage

Photo Observation 5

  1. “Psycho”
  2. Theme: Shadows
  3. Whenever i think of shadows, the first thing i think of is the shower scene from Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” The way Norman is revealed by pulling the shower curtain back and his face is completely covered in shadow so we don’t know who it is yet is so masterful.

Lighting Observation

  1. 2/2/17, 2:20 pm, Axinn Library
  2. Objective: I was in the quiet section of the Axinn library in the afternoon. I was sitting in a cubicle close to the large glass windows facing Davinson Hall. The sun was shining into the library and onto the nearby cubicles. The shadows that the trees cast came through and onto the cubicles as well.
  3. Subjective: The dullness of the quiet room in Axinn was cut by the glow of the sunlight coming through the wall of glass windows. The shadows of tree branches that fell onto my cubicle provided some relief from the strong rays of the sun. This transformed the dreary feeling of the room and gave it some animation.

Light Observation

  1. Today March 2 at 5:30 pm in CV star on the roof.
  2. Light coming through the telescope from the sky.
  3. In class we were doing an observation and looking at the moon an we saw a really bright little light in the sky. When we looked in the telescope and it was a star. I never seen a star close up before and it was amazing to see. It reminded me of this class because it was white but you can see the rays of rainbow and all different colors coming from the center. All the prime colors mixed together make white. It was simple and beautiful.

Photo Observation


3. Theme: Shadows

4. When I think of shadows I usually think of the ways they are manipulated in photography. The positioning of the light combined with the placement of the object can be used to alter the shape of the shadow being cast. This is what I think is the most interesting aspect of shadows. Manipulating the shadows can create a more ambiguous shape, unrelated to the actual object casting the shadow.

Photo Observation

  2. Shadow
  3. The light creates a shadow that finishes a picture. Instead of lighting being used to light actors that tell a story, the light is being used to create a story itself. I thought this was really cute, creative, and funny. And that this image fit the shadow theme well.

Light Observation

  1.  Tuesday 6:30pm, in my dorm room.
  2. I went to my mailbox to get my latest amazon purchase, a laptop sticker that makes the Apple logo look like Ron Swanson. When I placed the sticker on my laptop, I opened it up to see how it looked and saw the light form around the black hair and mustache to form my beloved TV character Ron Swanson.
  3. As the apple lit up and the light surrounded the black sticker, it formed a happy memory for me. the light took a shape that filled me with countless moments of laughter and pure joy. It represents something that I cherish and admire: a great show.

Neon Sign

  1. March 1st, 2017, 11:54 AM, Logan Airport, Boston MA, Gate B34
  2. There is a large neon sign hanging on the wall, with two capital A’s in dark red and a bright blue eagle in between them. The very tip of the eagle wing is almost flashing. It’s not turning completely off but sort of pulsing.
  3. I find neon signs very abrasive and blinding, but I’ve always been interested in the chemistry behind them. These bright, annoying fixtures are produced using hydrogen, mercury, helium, carbon dioxide, or rarefied neon. I can imagine exiting a plane and walking into the gate to see this monstrosity. It was probably 10 feet tall and 8 across. American Airlines is a little over the top. Neon signs are made to capture attention, and I glanced up at it for the better part of an hour. The little twitching part of the wing made me feel on edge, as flickering lights tend to do.


  1. I took this while waiting for the shuttle
  2. Shadow
  3. I have always felt at home in the forest on a sunny day, when the light passes through the leaves and branches casting shadows on the ground. It looks as though my shadow is tangled in the arms of this bare tree. I can imagine that the sunlight on the concrete is the sky that the branches reach towards.

Photo Observation 5

  1. I found this on my friends Pinterest page
  2. Theme: Shadow
  3. I feel like this photo is showing us another dimension. I love how the light is gray and is hitting the shoes as if there was someone in them, but there isn’t. Thats whats giving me an eerie feeling when I look at this.