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Photo Observation #5

I took this photo on my way back to campus with two of my friends and we noticed that it was uncharacteristically dark outside and there were no shadows except the ones from the headlights. It took us a little bit longer until we realized that all the street lamps and stoplights were out. Everything looked instantly more ominous and weird until we got back to campus, where the streetlights were working.

Light Observation 5

  1. 12:15am, my suite
  2. The blinds were open and the light was shining in from the parking lot. It was a relaxing sort of orange light that was shining of my roommates side of the room. It was very pretty, to be honest.
  3. The light was really warm, despite the rest of the room being pitch black, that one square of orange light made the night seem much less cold and frigid. It made me feel safe.

Light Observation

3/2/2017  12:30 AM my dorm room

Red light from the symbol of my roommate’s Mac, bright white light flashing from next to my bed from below basking the immediate area in light.  General darkness.

Red light glaring straight at me from across the room.  Flashes of white light illuminating the ceiling every minute.  The incessant attack on my ability to sleep at a normal time irritated me to the core.  Though the red glaring light is a constant most nights, it felt particularly offensive when the group chat was giving my phone a seizure.

Photo Observation

Frog by Irawan Subingar, found online


This unique perspective of a frog is easy to recognize.  The strange hands and feet of a frog make interesting shadows.The bright green makes the frog’s shadow stand out and differs from a lot of shadow photography that deal with dark colors for contrast.  This frog would have been completely hidden without the light and when looking at this photo, I can’t help but think that the photographer must have had to lie down and change their perspective to take this photo.

Light Observation #5

  1. Walking past Colonial Square looking towards the towers at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, February 28
  2. It was nighttime and there was a great deal of fog, so you couldn’t see the towers at all. You could only see the lampposts and outdoor lighting and the vague glow of windows from lit up rooms in the towers.
  3. In the dark sea of fog, each of the lampposts created an orb of color, some orange, some yellow, some white, some blue. They were a show of strength against the cold mist that clouded over all the buildings and cars, leaving only the faint suggestion that there was life underneath the big, ominous purple sky.

photo observation


Theme: Shadow

I chose this photo because when I think of shadows I think of something I read “We aren’t afraid of the dark, we’re afraid of what’s behind the dark”, and this photo has a grainy scary tunnel vibe. Everything that isn’t lit is shadow and this photo show how shadow can over power the light.

Lighting Observation

March 1st, 10pm on the train heading out of the city.

Objective: There are three main layers of lighting here. There is the warm light inside the train, the dark night lit up by tall buildings, and the reflection in the window.

Subjective: The moment was quiet. We had run half way down town to make our show, and then taken a few wrong turns getting back to Penn. It was the moment right after we burst through the tunnel out of Penn. The city slowly receding, building are lit up so brightly, even more so it seems after being in the tunnels under Penn. He is asleep on my shoulder. This quiet moment is suspended in air, projected on to the city through the window.

lighting observation #5

Date: 03/02/17, my dorm room windows, 5:00pm

Objective description: Sunset rays coming through my semi-closed blinds in the window in my dorm, reflecting of the blinds shiny surface.

Subjective description: As the sun retired for another night, the burnt orange rays pushed through the slits in my blinds. The force of the light coming through caused the blinds to glow orange and red as if burning from extreme heat, a radiator of the burning sun.

Photo observation #5


Theme: Shadow

Description: Overlapping shadows cross and crash, colours clashing across the white surface, creating a road map of confusion. The overlaying shadows maintain a 3D effect rather than flattening out the image.