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Photo Observation

  1. Dance performance photo found on, a dance lighting design photograph taken by Cameron Rust;
  2. Theme: Happy!
  3. Happiness is relative and subjective to each individual, and this embodies a few of the many things that make me happy.  Dancing is something that makes me happy – whether it be at a party or in  a dance class or just to my favorite song, it is something that I can’t help but smile and feel re-energized about when I start dancing.  Similarly to lighting, dance allows for a unique expression of story-telling by showing emotion without using words.  I love this picture because the lighting and the dancing work together to create the story – without any words, and even without any music, there is an entire possibility of stories is being told in this frame. The poses of the dancers and the lighting hues and saturation create the mood.  Because of this combination, the photo reminds me of a deep summertime sunset, something else that makes me very happy.  The warm colors mixed with the dark “shadow-like” poses of the dancers reminds me of seagulls over an an ocean or the water at dusk, and gives me that calm, happy feeling of a perfect summer day.