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Lighting Observation

  1. March 10, 2017, My dorm
  2. I woke up early on Friday to the bright white light of snow invading my room. The light reflecting off the snow was so bright and woke me up out of a dead sleep. It almost seemed a little magical as the snow was flurrying outside and created small shadows in the room.
  3. I woke up to an almost mystical white light bouncing off the walls of my room. Confused, i looked out the window to see a small snow storm invading the outside world. The smallsnow

Photo Observation 6

  1. Pinterest
  2. Happy!
  3. Whenever i think of happy i always think of people being with the ones they love, and what picture expresses this happiness more than the famous photo of the sailor kissing the nurse on V-J Day. Seeing the excitement in the air and all of the people coming together to celebrate is what happiness means to me.

Lighting Observation #6

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: March 6th, 11am, Breslin

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The room is lit up by the fluorescents, except for one corner of the classroom where the lights are out.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Brightness. Painful brightness from the glow of the fluorescents. They’re like a needle for the eye with the pain they cause. But there is one glimmer of peace. The corner, the lights no longer shine. I take comfort in looking at that corner. It is a sight for sore eyes. I concentrate on the darkness and try to block out the shrill glow from all of the other lights. I can’t wait to return to the natural light that awaits outside.

Photo Observation

  1. i found this photo on Pintrest
  2. Theme: Happy
  3. I love the feeling when I’m walking on a beautiful sunny day and Its so tranquil. That brings me happiness

Lighting Observation

  1. Today, March 10, at 4 am
  2. the hotel next to us had their building lit up red.
  3. The fact that someone wants to color their building is crazy! the red pierces through the night and makes me look at the building. It’s not a very nice building, but the color makes it look nicer than it is.

Light Observation

  1. 3/7/2017, 12:45 PM Hofstra’s Starbucks
  2. The overhead lights seemed dimmer than usual, the lights in the display case were bright.
  3. I’ve gone to Hofstra’s Starbucks quite often, but I happened to appreciate the lights of the display case a little bit more than usual.  The lights above were dull in comparison to the intense glow in the case highlighting the treats inside.  Each dessert and leftover breakfast snack had its own powerful spotlight to be presented in.  Each item was given importance by the bright overhead light.

Photo Observation

2) Eduardo Seastress

3) Happy

4) Happy is vibrancy and excitement.  The way the light shines through the umbrellas and illuminates them is dazzling and almost overwhelming in it’s intense colors.  All the energy conveyed through the bright colors alongside the mesmerizing pattern of circles is incredibly joyful.  The umbrellas shine like dazzling suns from different universes.

Light observation

  1. In front of Hofstra Hall pre dusk, Thursday
  2. It was a clear warm day, in all honesty the light didn’t change that much but my perception did.
  3. I walked towards Hofstra hall thinking how nice it was out side. It was unseasonably warm and the day was clear. The sunlight came down gently, then I saw out of the corner of my eye my friend. She Immediately run up to my and started crying. The light and weather seemed all together inappropriate, their should have been gloom and rain. Who gave the world permission to keep spinning in spite of human pain?

Light Observation

  1. 3/8/17, 11:45 pm, behind Hofstra Hall
  2. In front of Calkins, the footlight coming from below the flagpole was creating a shadow against the flags. This illumination also created a shadow on the grass from the nearby statue.
  3. I was walking behind Hofstra Hall late at night. I turned to check if the Calkins cat was sitting in her normal spot, but the flagpoles in front of Calkins quickly caught my attention. Aside from the consistent light the moon provided, I had realized the area was particularly well lit. The light flooded around the nearby objects, creating various shadows in many forms. These shadows wrapped the surrounding ground and buildings, giving a very eerie feeling to the scene. The footlight below the flag poles pointed up towards the flags themselves. As the wind moved the flags, the shadows they had casted moved as well. The statue that stood in front of Calkins was lit as well, casting a tall shadow which loomed over the entire quad.

Photo Observation #6

Found at:

Theme: Happy

This photo makes me think of happiness because flowers bring that to many people. This flower in particular just looks like its a happy flower. Its blooming and reaching for the outdoors. The natural light in this photo really brings out the color of the flower and I really like that. It also allows all of the focus to be on the flower and doesn’t distract from that.