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Light Observation

  1. 3/16/17, 10:30, behind Enterprise Hall
  2. A Hummer had a string of LED lights on the roof of the car, shining light on all surrounding objects.
  3. I walk past a long line of cars, but one stands out in particular. I see a large car to my left illuminating the night sky. This hummer had a string of LED lights completely covering the roof of the car. The bright blues and reds lit up the surrounding area, reflecting off of the snow and other cars. This created an odd colorful glow to the usual mundane light of the moon.

Lighting Observation #7

Date time location: 16th of March, 2 am, my dorm room.

Objective description: I was up working late and my roommate was already asleep so the only light in the room was the glaring screen of my laptop.

Subjective Description: While studying late, my eyes are branded with words, stamped by the blaring screen. The light is so bright that it blocks all else out, nothing to be seen by the endless dark night ahead, full of loneliness and empty texts. In the solitude of the light, there is no comfort, just blinding seclusion.

Photo Observation #7

From: Pintrest

Theme: Single light source

Description: The shadow of a predator looms in the door way, its size almost filling the hole and blocking out all light and possible escapes. The looming shadow strikes fear into those in the room, as they know that this kitten is very hungry and it was well past dinner time.

photo observation


single subject single source

the steep angle of the the light makes this a very dramatically lit beer.  I chose a pint of Guinness because today is St. Patrick’s day

lighting observation

  1. my dorm room, midday Monday
  2. I had pulled an all nighter Sunday into Monday. I needed some sleep to get me through the day so I laid down in between classes.
  3. Coffee was brewing just out of sight. The lights were off but the room was still fully lit by the window even with the blinds fully closed. The room is filled with a quiet grey light. I don’t sleep so much as meditate, just laying in the calm cool light. It’s like I was trying to absorb the light as an energy source that coffee and sugar couldn’t fill.

Lighting Observation #7

  1. The Majestic Theater, yesterday, during Phantom of the Opera’s “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”.
  2. Christine was alone on stage for the first time in the entire show, and the only two lights on were a spotlight on her, and a flood light on her father’s grave.
  3. The simplicity of the lighting design made that song even more powerful, anything more complicated would have deterred from what was happening on stage. It made the moment even more emotional and grand at the same time. It was truly beautiful.

Photo Observation #7


  1. Single subject single light source
  2. My camera roll
  3. The flash from my camera is the only light source illuminating Buddy (aka my dog). It makes him appear to be the center of attention even though he’s almost the same color of the couch. I took this picture in the middle of the night after getting my wisdom teeth out because I didn’t even remember Buddy coming to lay with me.

Lighting Observation

3/16/2017  4 AM Hague House, my room

White light pouring in through the window, light coming from the top half of the computer coming out in slots, bottom half unobstructed light. Covers walls in light.

The darkness of the night is a myth.  When the supposed darkest hours of the day are in full swing, endless light pours forth into my room and shines across each wall.  The glow of the light shifts slowly over time but persists in breaking through no matter what hour it is.  The only wall spared of the chunks of brightness graces my roommate while I face the wrath of the night’s sunny gleam.

Photo Observation

Photographer: Melissa Fague

Single subject, single source

The front light put on the same plane as the dog in this photograph creates drama.  The focus on the dog in this lighting gives it a serious feeling, the dog seems to emerge out of the background as if pulled out of the darkness behind.  This portrait effect is developed through the placement of the light and the centering of focus on the dog.

Light Observation #7

  1. 8:15pm, Thursday March 16 in the plaza rooms in the student center.
  2. The room was decorated elegantly for some sort of gospel choir reception, and the overhead lighting in the plaza room is many large spheres of light hanging from the ceiling.
  3. The room felt very festive and also somewhat elegant, as the shiny silver decorations reflected the light from the interesting orbs of light hanging from the ceiling. The scene would almost be magical if it didn’t take place in a carpeted plaza room with plastic decorations. In fact, the contrast between the venue, the event, and the attempted decoration almost made the room uncomfortable and awkward. After all, at the end of the day, the balls of light are a pretty strange way for a room to be illuminated.