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Lighting Observation #1

  1. January 31, 2018 – 5:43pm – Hofstra University’s Intramural Field
  2. I am standing in the parking lot looking at Hofstra’s Intramural Fields. It is completely dark outside. The streetlight in front of me is tilted sideways casting light upon the bottom of a tree to its right. Only the bottom right branches are lit up orange. The lighting highlights all of the tiny details of the main branch, and everything else around it is in darkness.
  3. The lighting gives off a dark mood. The tiny, skinny branches that are highlighted by the light look as if they are a mysterious creature’s claws emerging from the dark. Nothing can be seen in the distance, and there is a sense of hopelessness. The orange light itself, creates a feeling of comfort, yet the light it gives off gives the viewer a sense of fear.

Photo Observation #1

Title: “Venetian Sunrise”

Photo Credits: Jordan Farr

Location: Venice, Italy  January 12, 2018

Theme: Sunrise

The view of a sunrise as the photographer is riding away from the angelic colors on a boat through the canals of Venice. The sunrise begins as a light orange and becomes a deep pink fading into a soft purple. The sky is reflected onto the water of the canal leaving a dark shading onto the houses on both sides of the water. This picture leaves me with a sense of relaxation. Looking at the beauty of Venice before the actual city, itself, is even lit up, preludes to just how magical this place really is. Although boats are already passing each other by, the water only seems slightly disturbed leaving just enough rippling to look as if a rock glided across its surface.

Lighting Observation

Lighting moment 1/29/18: Drama Lounge 2:05pm

         I am in the far back right hand corner of the Drounge. It is mid afternoon and a heavy over cast. The light is coming in from the big window on the back wall. It is a very bright white light. It light is filling the room completely except where the table is and casts a shadow in the middle of the floor. On the other side of the room the doorway is emitting light from the hallway but only reaches halfway into the room. The light is a darker yellow. It mixes with the white light to create a creme color on the white wall. How ever the adjacent wall is just being hit with the bright white light because the door is blocking the yellow light.

          The light gives off a conflicting mood. The dominate white light area gives off a cold (In the sense of unfriendly) mood, while the creme yellow side gives off a friendly, more comfortable mood. It is like a ying and yang symbol. Pending where I was sitting I felt a different mood inside of the lounge.


Photo Observation #1


Title: “Fiery Sunset in Ocean-Side, December 10 2017” -Pintrest

Theme: Sunset

A strong radiant sunset on a beach in the winter. The sun is still fully in  the sky but close to the horizon. The center is a dark yellow, and a creamy orange surrounds the yellow. The outer layer is a high intense red-orange. The outer most layer is rich lavender that reflects onto the sand as well. This sunset reminds me of a dramatic scene in Star Wars the Force Awakens when the X Wings are riding in from the sunset to confront the Storm Troopers. The light is so strong that the colors in the water are almost as rich as the colors in the sky.