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Lighting Observation #5

  1. February 25, 2018 – 4:34pm – Adams Playhouse
  2. I am standing in the theatre behind the Two Gentleman of Verona set. As I sitting there in mostly darkness, a green light came on. The light was to my right. Its primary job was to light the stage, however some of it spilled onto backstage. The backpack as well as a cord as right in front of me and the green light was casted upon them.
  3. I was so intrigued by the beauty. You would not think that a backpack laying on the floor or a cord wrapped around the banister could be something that would really attract someone’s attention. But something about the way the green light lit them up almost looked like it was fake. There was a futuristic mood that the light created and I could not stop looking at the cord and backpack until the light faded out.

Photo Observation #5

Photo Credits: Samantha Morris

Location: Bendheim Performing Arts Center, New York

Theme: Single Light Source

A woman is standing in the distance. She is standing on one leg with the other bent behind her. One of her arms is resting against the wall, while the other creates a circular shape above her head. All of her surroundings are covered by darkness. There is one white light that hangs above her head though. The light is projected onto certain aspects of the woman’s body. The light highlights a side of her face, a part of her chest, her fingers, and the top of her bent leg. The light also is projected onto the black floor in front of the female. This picture is interesting because it is so dark, yet highlights specific shapes. The dancer in the distance looks mysterious because you can’t tell what she really looks like, and it makes it more intriguing the more you look at it.

Lighting Observation #4

  1. 23 February 2018//2:42am//Vander Poel Hall
  2. The entire room has three main sources of lighting. One. what little light is coming through the window from street lamps reflecting off of the fog outside, two, the light from my laptop screen as I record my observations of this room, and three, a lamp with two bulbs of which only one is on that provides the majority of the room’s light. The ceiling of the room is white and the walls are a light blue. The light is pointed up and towards the wall so that most of the light is being reflected off the wall and ceiling. There are a lot of surfaces and objects that are either reflecting light, casting shadows, or doing both.
  3. If there was no furniture in this room and only the lamp that is providing the most light, the room might give off a sterile vibe like that of a hospital. The color tone of the light in combination with the color of the walls and the rooms tidy organization seem like it should feel that way, but the room does not hold to that expectation. The cool light makes the wood of the dorm furniture feel uncharacteristically warm in comparison. The position on the highest shelf of the desk, and the angle towards the ceiling create a transition from the bright white of the ceiling to the dark carpet on the floor. The room overall feels home-y and warmer than most dorm rooms usually do. Its a comforting cold like how I enjoy the overcast light of a cloudy day. A breath of fresh air but also a place to relax.

Photo Observation #4

2) Installation view Loebbeckes Insel, Braunschweig, Germany 2016 / Foto © Studio Thilo Frank

3) Theme: Mystery

4) I found this image while trying to attribute the original photo I intended to use for this theme. It was of a mirrored room that this artist, Thilo Frank, had constructed for a museum in Germany. I went to his page and ended up finding this picture of this installation he made in 2016. I found the installation intriguing from the first photos on his site, but the further I scrolled down he had it lit in various ways. This to me was the most mysterious–not only because of the ominous lighting but because of the general shape and the dada-esque feeling of the structure. The purpose is unknown giving it an automatic confusing or mysterious element, and then adding in a a bright sterile light as well as a human person for size reference makes its all the more intriguing to look at. You can see the other views of it in daylight here.

Photo Observation #4

2. Taken by: Dave Markel
3. Mysterious

4. This photo stood out to me because the landscape itself brings an eerie feel to the picture, but the streak of pinkish light that cuts the sky in half draws questions from anyone looking at it. It makes me think that there is more to be discovered about what is happening in the photo and brings depth to the whole thing.

Lighting Observation #4

1. Date: February 22, 2018
Time: 12:00am
Location: My room
2. The back side of a MacBook is lit by the apple logo. In the dark, the apple casts a bright white light (that looks almost blue) onto the floor of my room.
3. When looking at the light cast by the apple, it looks almost theatrical. The light when isolated makes me feel alone. It looks like a spotlight that is shone on no one. The floor of my room became an empty stage.

Light Observation #4 – Sunset

  1. Date: 2/20/18, Time: about 5:30pm, Location: my bedroom, looking out my window
  2. Through my bedroom window, the sun is setting in the distance, leaving behind a variety of bright colors in the sky.
  3. Evening is coming to fruition, with the sun beginning to set in the west. As it descends, the sky and clouds are being painted with both warm and cool colors. It is such a wonderful sight of nature. Shades of pink, blue, yellow and orange begin to fill up the canvas that is the window.

Photo Observation #4 – Mysterious

  1. Found on:
  2. Theme: Mysterious
  3. Although one could tell what the creature is, the only thing hidden in the shadows is the face, more specifically, the eyes. As the eyes are said to be the most expressive part of the body, the figure gives off a somewhat off-putting feeling of anticipation

Light Observation #4

1. 2/18/2018 1:00 AM, field out near Jones Beach

2. A radio tower in the middle of an open field surrounded by fog. The fog hazing around it so only the metal base of the tower being visible and the blinking light at the top.

3. The feeling of how the light was ominously blinking that dark and almost dangerous feeling of red a hundred feet over me made me feel nervous. Giving an odd emotion of fear as to the ominous blinking and red hue made it all the more odd. Even though my brain knew that the blinking was to warn airplanes I still had the emotion of fear from the odd blinking and dark red hue.

Photo Observation #4


2. Outside my room one misty night.

3. Mysterious

4. The idealism of fog is one of the biggest ideas of mysterious when it comes to environmental mood. So a mix of fog and the way a light is distorted with the blur makes the fog even more mysterious with the cool and warm lights coming through.