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Light Observation #3

1.) My Room Wednesday Night 2/14/18 @ 8pm.

2.) A Lava Lamp on in my dark room. The lava Lamp has a cool temperature, it is a light blue. The small Lava lamp is siting on top of my white bureau shelving in the corner of my room. My curtains are down blocking all of the Uniondale streetlights. The light turns the corner of my room a bright light blue. The beams reaches out to about 3/4 of my room and fades out before it can reach the forth wall. My walls are a light green color and when mixed with the blue light it made a very light blue-green, more blue than green. The blue light also reflected off my TV screen and gave some extra light to my bed.

3.) This light gives me an interstellar feeling. I feel like I am in a space ship that is far out in deep space. The only light source that can be seen is the blue light source running the life tanks.

Light Observation #3

Date: 2/15 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Downtown Riverside, Ca


Description: Suspended over the street, large red “lanterns” hang.  The Lanterns are a somewhat-oval shape, with gold trim. The lanterns, accompanied by the yellowish light of the streetlamps and the bright blues of the car’s headlights illuminate the street.


Subjective description: Inviting and caring, the large, red lanterns draw you in with intrigue.  These beautiful, spherical-ish balls of light create intrigue and a sense of energy.  

Photo observation

2) go-Montreal website

3) Nightlife

4) this photo, of a concert of some sort shows people sort of illuminated with pink, lavender and magenta light, with their hands silhouetted by light on stage.  The light on stage sort of draws the person looking at the photograph in, drawing them to the bright white lights and the beam of light it produces contrasted with the dark, purple and pink hues of the sky in the back, and the people in the foreground


Lighting Observation #3

1) 15 February 2018//11:39pm//The Witches Brew

2) There are many light sources. Candles on the tables. Warm light coming from old fashioned bulbs. String lights. Many red light bulbs. There are a lot of Mylar balloons that are reflecting all the different light sources. Most candles are in clear glass containers but some are in red glass. There is also silver tinsle slightly swaying and reflecting light. The rotating fan blades also throw light around the space.

3) Everything about this place exudes warmth. The smell of the food and coffee. All the candles. The red lights. There are so many things that would be out of place that all find a home here. You can tell that it was once a home because it  still has the living space feeling. Every surface is dimly lit and a part of the story. The music is the only thing that definitively makes this place feel modern, even with the Mylar balloons. There is just something magic in the eclecticism of the cafe. The way the lights bounce around and get absorbed by the blackness of the wall but dance across and reflect off of everything else gives this space it’s witchy flicker.

Light Observation #3 – Candles

  1. Date: Valentine’s Day 2018, Time: about 7:20pm, Location: City Cellar Wine Bar & Grill, restaurant in Westbury, NY
  2. In a dimly lit restaurant, there are two walls lined with shelves of several LED candles, appearing to flicker continuously.
  3. With it being the eve of Valentine’s Day, the most common tradition associated with the holiday is to go out with a significant other for a romantic dinner. I am settling down at the table when I notice right in front of me, two walls parallel to each other. Both are aligned with warm, flickering candles, leading to either the door or the venue.

Photo Observation #3

2. From:

Photo by: Jennifer Westman
3. Night Life
4. This photo shows how the movement of light works in distorting reality. I think this picture causes a feeling of confusion when attempting to follow the light an understand what is happening in the photo, but I thought it also showed a great display of life and movement in the darkness.

Light Observation #3

1. Date: February 15, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: In front of Weed Hall
2. The is a bright blue light on top of the emergency pillars, namely the one in front of Weed Hall, and at night it casts a light blue haze immediately around it.
3. This light made me feel strange for some reason. I believe the purpose of the light is to stand out as much as possible in the event of an emergency but, in light of recent events, it comes off as almost unnerving. I always expect an emergency light like that to be red or white, but adding the situation to that lighting choices causes two feelings that conflict each other.

Photo Observation #3 – Night Life

  1. Found on:
  2. Theme: Night Life
  3. While I personally do not and have not engaged in such activities, one’s definition of “night life” can be associated with young people, particularly high school and college students, going out to party and have a good time with friends. Personally, there is something so intriguing to me about a group of people just coming together for such an occasion. Most likely, there would be music blaring through the speakers while everyone is jumping to the beat. The image depicting an explosion of light and color also makes it come across as a crazily fun experience.

Light Observation #3

1. 2/14/2018 8PM outside Netherlands Dorms

2. The flashing lights of a fireman’s car drove by, the blue and red flashing brightly as it approached the dorm. A small mix of yellow light was also in the warning lights with over the car. The front headlights a bright and harsh radiant white.

3. It was almost a shock when the vehicle turned the corner, the lights going off as a fire alarm sounded loudly. The lights hitting me just before it rounded on the building giving me a sudden flash of panic as those colors made my brain associate with danger. Then realizing it was a drill my panic calmed and I walked on with those illuminating flashes behind me.

Photo Observation #3

Location: Quebec City, Canada. nighttime.


I picked this photo because I like the effect the light string made on the street. At night time, everything that lights up spreads across the landscape. In this photo the lights have different levels of warmth so I can see how far each light travels. The string lights are higher up and make a strong beam directly below but the beam weakens then intensifies again when it gets to the next beam. The street lights spread is much more compact to the lamp post and below it, the beam does leak into that of the string lights.

This lighting gives off a joyous mood. The light is bright and playful. It reminds me of a carnival lighting back home in Massachusetts. I get a very welcoming feeling from the lighting in this photo. I picture this mood in one of those hallmark movies my mother always watches around Christmas time(although, there would probably be more snow).