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Lighting Observation 2- Tiffany

  1. Date: Thursday, February 8 Time: 11:30 pm Location: Hague room 311 lounge
  2. There is ambient light spilling into the otherwise dark room.  Through a window, there is faint peachy pink light, presumably from a nearby light.  Under a door, there is some yellow-ish white light, and from the open door of the bathroom, there is some light spilling out, just enough for someone so they don’t run into anything.
  3. The faint ambient light creates an isolating feeling, while still enough to function, the light nearly casts the room entirely in shadows.  The light from the window casts on the wall to highlight some posters and shines through a tree to create dancing shadows on the other wall.

Photo Observation #2

Title: Shadows Over Central Park

Photo Credits: William Carson Jr.


Theme: Shadows

Description: Central Park is an enormous lush and green square right in the middle of Manhattan, yet the towers surrounding it are still able cast their shadow over it. This picture to me is breathtaking in just how much these skyscrapers seem to loom over Central Park. In one way, it’s ominous. It serves as a reminder of how “big industry” can take over and threaten nature. However, this reminds me of how at peace I feel when protected by the shade on a hot day. The towers aren’t intimidating but instead protecting me from the suns harsh rays, along with any other creature native to the park.

Photo Observation 2- Tiffany

  1. From: Kylie Hope Photography
  2. Theme: shadows
  3.  The sun shines on the eight people, slightly casting them in a back light as they jump.  Their shadows are cast on the sand they are jumping from.  Due to the angle of the light, the shadows of the people appear distorted, for some, their shadows appear shorter compared to others where they are longer.

Light Observation #2

1) DATE-TIME-LOCATION: 2/7/18–11:15 pm–Netherlands North Core

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: While walking back to my dorm at night, there were 2 lamp posts in the Netherlands North side. The two lamp posts were the only light that allowed me to see where I was going. The light posts were on my right side as I walked, however there was a gap in between the posts with no light.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The light here did not make me feel good in anyway. The lamp posts gave off a sickly, warm color. It made me feel nauseous and annoyed. The fake looking color of the lights just made me think of how much disgusting light pollution humans have created. The light gave off this frustrating, gross feeling that was not a great feeling to have when coming home late.

Lighting Observation #2 – Home

  1. Date: 2/8/18, Time: 10:02 pm, Location: My kitchen
  2. There are several small fluorescent tubes underneath the kitchen cabinets that shine down on the kitchen counter(s). The counters and cabinets align one corner of the kitchen, and the tubes only light up when the main kitchen lights are turned off.
  3. Every night, these fluorescent tubes light up the kitchen when all else is still. The light it emits is an intriguing shade of blue, most likely cerulean. Its presence is almost ghostly, or even ethereal when compared to the mundane and dated 90’s-esque design of the kitchen. The light is not bright enough to blind anyone wandering the halls late at night, but not dim enough that its rays cannot reach my bedroom door.

Photo Observation #2 – Shadows

  1. Found on
  2. Theme: Shadows
  3. While the picture itself is very simple and self-explanatory, I was drawn to it by the shadow presented. The sun, while not visible in the photo, is shining down from behind the bird and displaying a shadow of spreading wings, as if ready to take flight. However, the bird is in a relaxed and stationary position. Perhaps this could reflect the natural desire for a living creature to “spread their wings and “soar,” as a means of reaching true potential. Creatures such as birds are already capable of flight, but maybe those usually stuck on the ground, could be inspired by this photo to feel as though they are flying and nothing can bring them down.