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Photo Observation #5


  1. From: by: Ludek Ciganek
  2. Theme: single light source
  3. The lighting in this photo is interesting to me because of the variation in shades.  With the mystery of the shadow and intrigue of the light, the model looks as though she’s longing for something. I think the fact that there is the key light heightens the drama and enhances the mystery and the emotional impact of the model.

Lighting Observation #5

2/19 8:30 pm- Anaheim, Ca
The sun is setting behind clouds and houses. The sky is still bright and houses are beginning to get dark.
The sun setting gives off a somewhat ethereal feeling, the sun behind the clouds makes them pop out.  The bright white clouds, surrounded by the warm light over the houses and near the mountains gave off a look that looked a lot like a beautiful sunset photo, not something in real life, but it was real.

Lighting Observation #5

1. Date: March 1, 2018

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Behind the Netherlands dorms

2. There is a yellowish orange light behind the freshman dorms in the Netherlands, that illuminates the otherwise stark backyard of the forms.

3. The lights shone behind the dorms make me feel as if I shouldn’t go back there at night.It causes a cautious yet gloomy feeling. There could have chosen brighter, white lights to allow for more visibility, but the lighting seems to be a warning against venturing around there.

Photo Observation #5

2. From:

By: Lara Gorman

3. Theme: Single Light Source

4. The white light that is just out of the frame of this photo creates interesting shadows on the face of the model. The shadows cast on the model in this photo cause him to have a sinister yet sad feel to him. It makes the person looking at the photo think that he may be either up to something or he is a survivor of something traumatic.


Photo Observation #5

2. Limerick, Ireland in winter

3. Theme: Single Source

4. It’s interesting how in the middle of the night with the proper base color the smallest light became a huge bloom of illumination. The way the snow was in the nighttime allowed to pick up bright lights very well. So the small camera flash on the phone allowed for a huge bloom of stark white. This is also kind of relaxing to see however, as it feels as if the light gives the ability for play even at night. This is nostalgic for all my late nights playing sports by led rather than daylight, so it gives off the same feel here.

Light Observation #5

1 Hofstra Unispan looking to the East. February 28th at around 3pm.

2. Walking across the Unispan I just randomly looked to the east and stopped dead in my tracks. One of the buildings made of glass to the south of the turnpike was half in the color of the glass and the other was in a radiant gold or amber, making it look as if the building was made of gold.

3. The image actually stopped me in my tracks by how shockingly nice it looked. The way the blue of the glass was suddenly contrasted by how it turned entirely golden amber. The hue made me feel as if suddenly warmed and made happy by this building that was hundreds of meters away. It’s interesting how this warm golden color made this warm feel when it was put next to the chill blue of the glass.

Photo Observation #5

William Bragg Photography – Single Light Source

I like this photo because of how the light source is hitting his face from the far side. His left side of his face is so bright that we cannot see the detail. And then the right of the face dissolves into the blackness of the background. I also like that this photo is in black and white. It allows for the levels of light to stand out. One can see how the light is shaping itself around the face.

Light Observation 5

1.) Hempstead Turnpike, Long Island New York, March 1st, 7pm.

2.) I am in the passenger seat of the car with my friend driving down the street to Trader Joes. It is dark outside and the street lamps are on. While sitting in my seat I can notice the glare on the street lights on the window showing the horizontal marks on the car from when it was hand dried at the car wash last week. The lamps of the street lights are a warmer temp, appearing to be orange almost. On the,  bottom of the car window the lights from the passing car’s headlights make a glare similar to the street  lamps, but their temperature is cooler, appearing creamy yellow.

3.) These lights made me think about life passing by. The lights would come and go one by one, each one a representation of a life time on this planet. While bright and lively, it is only a brief moment. Then it dims off, only for the next light to appear. Over the course of the 20 minuet drive hundreds of lights will have passed by. Each one being erased after its brief moment of existence.

wow, Sounds like something Becket would say, kind of dark.