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Light Observation #5 – Bits n Bytes

  1. Date: 3/1/18, Time: about 6pm, Location: Pathway leading up to Bits n Bytes, near Emily Lowe Hall
  2. The lamps from inside Bits n Bytes are shining out of the building’s window, giving off an emphasized glow, considering the sun had just set and it was almost dark.
  3. Another day is fulfilled. I have to walk from my last class to the Netherlands parking lot in order to finally go home. As I tread the usual path, the sky gets darker, almost a deep shade of indigo. As the sun’s light leaves the horizon, there is a glowing building in the distance. It is a local cafe, most commonly used as somewhat of a lounge for students. The lamps from within are emitting a consistently hazy shade of orange, as if to lure in wandering passersby.

Photo Observation #5 – Outline of Light

  2. Found on:
  3. Theme: Single Light Source (plus Lighting Key)
  4. It is unclear what the exact source of light is. And yet, the light is hitting this girl in such a way that it brings out an inner warmth of sorts. With the light hitting her on the side of her body, it creates  an outline of light, almost giving off a radiant glow.

Photo Observation #5

2) Found the image from Pinterest. The photographer is Julia Hetta, a Dutch photographer who is a graduate Gerrit Rietveldt Art Academy in Amsterdam.

3) THEME: Single Light Source

4) DESCRIPTION: It took me some time to find a decent photo that only had one light source. First I had picked a different photo by the same photographer, however I was worried there was actually another light source involved. I liked this photo not only because it meets the requirements of being one light source, but it has a nice soft feeling to it. This feeling comes from the color scheme of the photo and also how the light hits the model’s face.

Lighting Observation #5

When and Where: February 28, 2018 4:00pm / Student Center (Cafeteria Side)

Objective Description: The windows above and touching the ceiling of the cafeteria let in the suns rays down into the room. One half of the room was bathed in light while the other is covered in a contrasting shade.

Subjective Description: The lighting flooding the room was bright and orange. Everything down to the dust particles could be seen in it and stepping into it was blinding. Meanwhile, the rest of the cafeteria was shrouded in a blue hue. Slowly as time passed, the sun began to set and the light traveled slowly up the walls of the room until it disappeared.

Photo Observation #5

Source: Pinterest

Theme: Single Light Source

Description: This is the iconic album cover for Queen II. The white light source seems to be above the band members and creates an almost baleful feeling. Due to the shadows cast over the men, we can’t see their bodies or eyes, just the outline. The diamond formation also adds to the “Easter Island Head” motif.

Lighting Observation #5

1) 2/25/18- 7:24pm- Interstate 24 on the Jones Beach exit

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Setting in a car during some traffic, a street light on the right side of the car flickered randomly. The light was off more often than it was on. It was also the only light around except for our car’s head lights. The color of the street light was the typical warm, amber color of street lights.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: This lighting moment was entirely creepy. It looked like something in a horror film. In this case, it felt like in the movies when the character’s flashlight would start to die while running around the haunted forest. Every time the street light would flicker on, I was worried some terrifying demon creature would pop up. This came across because of the lack of light that played into the fear of darkness feeling; Also, the timing in which the light would flicker was so abnormal, it created an unsettling sensation.