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Photo Observation #6

Photo Credits: Getty Images

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Theme: Happy

A woman is standing in the middle of all of her friends holding a cake. The woman as well as everyone standing around her are admiring the light that the fire from the candles give off. You can tell that the mood is happy there because everyone is smiling and hovering around the light. What I found interesting was how if you think back to all of the birthday parties you’ve ever been to, everyone always has a happy look on their face once the candles are lit. Why does the fire have that affect on people?

Photo Observation #6 – Happy

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  3. Theme: Happy (plus Lighting Key)
  4. The picture is a classic image of a jump freeze frame. Such an action is usually seen in modern media to commemorate victory and/or happiness. Also, the sun is beaming down on the group from behind, emphasizing their silhouettes. Yellow is a color most often associated with happiness, so it naturally makes sense to use it as a warm background.