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Lighting Observation #6

1. March 7, 2018 – 4:31pm – Estabrook Hall

2. I am sitting on my bed staring out the window. The sky is a light grey color and there are snowflake flying through the air. Although almost all of the scenery out of the window is white, there is still a dim lighting to it. As I observe closer, there are tiny water droplets all over the outside of my window. On the bottom of the droplets, light is being shown through them.

3. Everything outside is very tranquil. Everything is silent and there isn’t anyone in sight. The snowflakes are dashing for the ground almost as if a giant snowblower is being faced down towards the earth. As I observe closer, I see tiny droplets that have different intensities of lighting in them. Towards the top of the droplets, the light is dim, almost creating a grey color. The bottom of the droplets have a ring of white light that creates a “U” shape at the bottom of each one. As the snow is rushing by the window, the raindrops are just sitting there creating a moment of tranquility with their stillness.