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Light Observation #7 – Window

  1. Date: 3/14/18, Time: about 9:15 am, Location: Lowe 201
  2. The blinds are pulled up and a combination of light, shapes and shadows are reflected against the whiteboard.
  3. I am taking notes in my morning lighting class when the professor pulls the blinds from one of the classroom’s windows, closest to the whiteboard. As the blinds go up, a literal and metaphorical window of light grows upon the lower right corner of the whiteboard. There are several boxes of light that make up the entire window. Within this window, there is a shadow of a tree and its branches, swaying back and forth into view.

Photo Observation #7 – Scary

  1. Found on
  2. Theme: Scary (plus Lighting Key)
  3. The image is that of a “creepy girl.” Children behaving in supernatural manners is nothing new to modern media, particularly in mainstream horror movies. Simply staring without blinking can put someone off when watching such a film. The photo is devoid of color, with the only light source revealing an unnaturally calm child. Also, the sclera appear to be black, giving off the feeling that something is watching through a vessel.

Photo Observation #7

Location: Movie Techniques

Theme: Scary

A man is standing above a light. The way that the light only hits certain features of his face creates a scary mood. It’s also the combination of the rest of his face that isn’t lit up to be in the black darkness that leaves you with an uneasy feeling. The complete darkness of his eyeballs makes him feel extremely distant and not relatable. I found this interesting because if the lights were all on, he would look like a normal man. But the way the angle projects the light from under this man’s face almost transforms him into a non human form. He looks as if he is wearing the Jason mask, but what’s interesting is that he isn’t wearing a mask at all.

Lighting Observation #7

  1. March 14, 2018 – 9:12am – Stage Lighting Classroom
  2. I am sitting at my desk in class. As I am looking at the white board, a shadow is casted upon it. The shadow is grey and projects the outlines of the window bars as well as the trees further in the distance. The tree’s shadow is moving on the board.
  3. All of a sudden, the board came to life. The silhouette from the window is casted upon the board as well as the tree branches behind the window. As the wind swayed the tree outside, its branches began to move around the white board. It created a moment of beauty and tranquillity because as stressful as school may be and how far classrooms have moved from nature, we can never forget that it will always be there.