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Photo Observation 7


Lauren Pisano

3) scary

4) This photo of the shadow of a person with trees illustrates “scary” and fear because of the mystery of the shadow.  The black and white nature of the photo further adds to the mystery and suspense because the observer can’t see and doesn’t know what’s about to happen.

Lighting Observation 7

  1. 3/15 / 11: 40pm / Hague House Lounge
  2. The Lights in the Hague Lounge are off, so the only light pouring in is from the hall and the tv.  The tv is so low it only casts a small, gray-ish light on the sofas nearby, the hall light, however, illuminates the lounge for about ten feet of where there’s an opening with amber-y light.
  3. Sat in the Hague Lounge, the amber light provides calmness and light to the otherwise dark room.  It provides somewhat of a sense of warmth contrasted to the little light cast from the tv and the shadow that fills the rest of the Lounge

Light Observation #7

1.March 15th, inside the Student Center Theater.

2. Sitting in the theater I was prepared to watch the 1-3rd monologues with a few friends. The lighting was either all off for blackout, or horrible led lighting above the actors which did nothing to help see their faces. However there was a moment a bed was laid out, and all the lights went out except for a single amber bean that spread across it.

3. Some relate bed to safety and home, a place where you can’t be hurt. But when I see a room and there is only led’s and harsh white light on it; I don’t even feel the bed is sacred, that it is more of a place blinded than a place safe. However with the low light of the amber on a bed it becomes some place warm, cozy, a place to relax. It made me want to just be comfortable and safe in my bed and not worry at all about anything at all.

Photo Observation #7

2. Found on Pinterest

3. Theme: Scary

4. The way that this photo is taken is with a filter on it of film which causes the streaks down it. Adding this kind of ancient feel which is slightly scary. But this effect is doubled with the use of fog and a very hazy/ low white light. The way it diffuses through the fog really causes fear in what the unknown is behind that haze. If it was very bright it would have more a playful feel of fog everywhere, but with the low light of nighttime it becomes more scary.