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Photo Observation 7 Scary

There are two reasons this image is scary. The first is that the color of the image is unnatural. People do not normally see this color in nature, it would be seen in a fire normally. Another reason this image is scary is because we can not see everything clearly. We get scared when we cant see all the information around us, the fear of the unknown.


Lighting Observation 7

Lighting Observation

  1. 1. Light lab Wednesday 9pm
  2. 2. I was working on my 179 project in the light lap. I was working on a fire effect for one of my scenes and I accidentally created the perfect hue for fire. It had orange and a light yellow mixed in. Then the red from the LEDs up top added in the red accents. The fire light come in from the rear window and hit the actors from USR.
  3. 3. The fire scene created a feeling of intense fear. The stage was beaming red from the window and the set felt like a hot burning oven cooking the cast inside. The light creeped in over time until it hit full intensity.

Photo Observation #7

2) I took the photo last weekend on campus

3) THEME: Scary

4) DESCRIPTION: Because of how the light only shines on half of their faces creates a mysterious and horror like feeling. The majority of the photo is dark and creepy appearing. This feeling comes across because of the absence of light. Also, the warm amber, almost leaning on the red side of the color, creates this creepy feeling as well. It seems like the light is almost “coming for them.” Overall, the photo is very creepy from the way the light hits the girls’ faces and the lighting behind them about to take them away.

Lighting Observation #7

1) March 16-5:58pm-LIRR train to Penn station

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: The sun was coming in from the train window on the right on me. Because the sun was setting, the light appears to be warmer than normal. The light hits my friends whole bodies sitting across from me. The light also came in a shape of the window, which was a rectangle. The sun light does not hit me directly but does reflect off indirectly.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: Here the lighting created a happy and calming feeling. Even with the sharp edges of the shape, it did not feel harsh. The shape of the light acted like a frame around my friends. The light felt calming because of the color of light. It was warm and welcoming, which created this calming feeling. The way the light framed my friends made me feel very happy.

Photo Observation #7

Source:  Jen Markert, for

Theme: Scary

Description: While simple, by just adding a soft white light to just the side of this man’s face, he’s suddenly very threatening. The shadows on his right completely cover his face as he looks directly forward, adding a sense of serious danger.

Light Observation #7

  1. March 15, 2018 / 11pm / My dorm
  2. The room is lit only by a single LED bulb in a lamp. There’s a green cardigan over the lamp changing the hue of the lamp light to a subtle green.
  3. The light green hue of the light made the room feel enveloped in nature, as if the sun were shining through the leaves of trees.

Photo Observation #7

2. Website:

Photo by: Riko Shae

3. This photo shows the beginning and end of many scary movies. There is a chilling feeling tied to driving on a dark road surrounded by trees. The lighting from the car, the only source of helpful light outside of the moon, is also creating creepy shades and low lighting that adds to the scary mood captured in this photo.



Lighting Observation #7

1. Date: March 14, 2018
Time: 9:05am
Location: Lowe Room 201
2. When the window closest to the front of the room is opened, letting the light from the sunrise in, there is a small, heart-shaped shard of lighting that breaks distinctly away from the lighting in the rest of the room.
3. This small light inspires a feeling of hope. The fact that it tears away from the rest of the lighting in the room to remain isolated feels interesting because it is a heart. It seems almost like it is keeping itself safe.