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Light Observation 10

1.) Hofstra Campus near Chalkins hall at 6:25 PM, Wednesday April 10th.

2.) While walking along side Chalkins, the sun was getting low and at about 40 degrees up and 30 degrees to my right. The sun was producing a light straw color, and the trees that blocked the sun revealed a cooler light blue lighting coming from directly above in the sky.

3.) I never noticed this before. The blue and the straw almost act like the warm and cool concept we use in lighting class. Also, I like the way the trees made the lines of cool and warm like a pattern or something.

Light Observation #9

1. Date: April 9, 2018
Time: 10:00am
Location: Right in front of Emily Lowe Hall
2. During the sunrise, the sun hits some of the trees on the quad. It creates a very defined look.
3. The way the sun hits the trees at this time in the morning inspires a fleeting sense of comfort. This lighting provides clarity and warmth to an otherwise dreary and objectively boring collection of trees.

Light Observation #9

1) April 5th, 2018-6:38pm-Subway Station (central park)

2) OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: A strong, amber light shines on an Alice in Wonderland mural in a subway station. The mural is on my left side while the train tracks are on my right. The light is so amber it appears almost orange. There is no other cool toned lights in the area except for near the turnstiles.

3) SUBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION: In this moment instead of feeling the calmness that can come from amber lights, it made me feel sick. Normally amber lights are soft and nice feeling. Amber lights can make me feel sleepy, however this was a very different moment. It was such a strong color, it made my skin look different and grossly. The lighting made me uncomfortable and antsy to get out of the station; however, since we had to wait for the next train, I had to deal with the uncomfortable lighting for quiet sometime.

Light Observation #9

1.) Sitting outside Bill of Right, 10 P.M. 4/12/2018

2.) The moon was out and I was relaxing with some friends, two of which were smoking at the time. They were using a very smoke intensive thing so the fumes floated and stayed in the air since there was no wind. These fumes went so far into the air that it went in front of the warm light of a street light.

3.) The way that the smoke went in front of the light it added a gorgeous haze to the light pushing though it. It made the feeling of sitting in a sauna or hot springs where everything has become vapors and you just see the light push through. It made a relaxed feeling wash over you from the way the light was diffused even more to make it seem it was even later than it was mixed with the grey.