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Lighting Observation #10

  1. April 9th / 10PM / Peninsula Boulevard
  2. A completely empty highway without any lighting except a single streetlamp far in the distance.
  3. As I drove back to campus after a trip home, I noticed the street was dangerously dark. My fear only rose when I noticed the streetlight glowing down the street. The amber light was soft and lit a wide area.

Light Observation #9 – Two Different Skies

  1. Date: 3/30/18, Time: about 7 pm, Location: JCPenney @ Roosevelt Field Mall
  2. I walk outside of JCPenney into the top level of the parking lot and the sky is split: one side is a sunset, the other is cloudy with drizzling and a rainbow.
  3. I come out of the mall with a friend of mine after an evening of young adult chicanery, when I look to my right, only to see a gray sky with rain and the faintest image of a rainbow. I look to the other side and there is a bright orange sunset looming over in the distance. The sky could not decide how it would be painted, so it chose both sides, each a sight in their own unique way.

Lighting Observation #10

  1. April 12, 2018  Р11:50pm РEstabrook Hall
  2. I am laying in bed looking at my wall. The small lights hanging are wrapped around gold leaves. This is the only source of light in my room. The light is a light tan color.
  3. These lights provide a tranquil mood in my room. The light makes the gold leaves look as if they themselves are glowing. It reminds me of a rich decorated palace where the mood would be tranquil and there would be gold everywhere.

Lighting Observation

1) 4/12 11:50pm Hague Lounge

2) Overhead fluorescent lights in Hague Louge. the lights cast some shadows but overall illuminates everything well

3) The bright fluorescent lights promote studying by illuminating much of everything equally and creating an uplifting environment.