Light Observation

Time: 9pm on Sunday

Objective Description: Someone bumped a crackled glass light and it spun around, creating an interesting texture on the walls.

Subjective Description: I was enjoying a brownie sundae in Hof USA with a friend when I noticed a peculiar pattern moving around on the wall. It looked very much like the reflection you would see on the ceiling or walls when the sun shines on an indoor swimming pool.

The culprit of this intriguing pattern was a hanging crackled glass light that resembled an upside-down fish bowl with a lightbulb inside. Some tall guy stood up from his table and accidentally jostled the light. It spiraled around, twisted on itself, and unwound, scattering its crackly, watery pattern all over the walls. I pointed it out to my friend, but she didn’t think it was as exciting as I did. I guess I’ve become a certifiable light nerd.

The pattern is present normally, but I guess I never noticed it until the movement caught my attention. This was an interesting example of how important movement is. Something still can hide in plain sight or go completely unnoticed, but when a little motion is added, it can quickly become the focal point. For me, this is a very important thing to keep in mind when designing later on.

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