There’s no hope, all light is consumed

Date: 4/28/16 Time: 7 pm Location: Walmart

Objective: The small slither of sunlight attempting to escape the impending doom of the clouds.

Subjective: Earlier today as I was going back and forth over Hempstead trying to get my phone/sim unlocked, after the man from MetroPCS directed me purchase the sim at Walmart my roommate and I headed straight there. When we got out however I noticed the clouds were looming and got significantly darker. As I turned towards the left I noticed this hole in the sky where the sunlight was trying it’s best not to be consumed, but yet it inevitably failed and rain soon started to poor. After failing and travelling for 3 hours, it was quite a crushing sight. I then walked into Walmart with the looming overcast and felt I was stocking up for some apocalypse.

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