Lighting Observation 5

  1. Thursday, March 2, 6:08 am, My bed
  2. Bright light coming from the window.
  3. I was lying in bed, still asleep as I had about two hours before I had to get up, when all of the sudden the heavy wind outside blew the cloud away that was blocking the sun from my window. It felt like the light of a thousand suns burning past my eyelids and into my eyes, waking me up despite the blinds being closed. I didn’t know what was happening at first, I was being forced awake far earlier than my brain could comprehend. I felt disoriented, but as my brain began to catch up with my eyes, I felt angry. I was angry at the wind that was now loud enough to keep me awake, angry at the sun for being too bright, and I felt angry at Hofstra for giving us low-quality blinds without allowing us to cover the windows with anything else.

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