Photo Observation

  1. Photo found online through Google, taken from Brigham Young University – Idaho webpage, photographer unknown;
  2.  Theme: Single Object/Single Light Source
  3. At first I found this theme to be more daunting than the rest; how was I going to figure out if a photo had a single light source?  This picture however really struck me, and I feel it fits the theme well for a couple of reasons.  First, it clearly shows where the light source is – it is a SR diagonal front light; we can tell by the way the shadows and light itself falls within the picture, the second reason this picture works well.  Through the positioning of the object, we are able to see not only where the light source is in relation to the object, but what type of angle the light source is at. My guess is that the light source is at a steeper angle because of how the shadow falls more on the bottom corner of the object while the top portion has more beam coverage, and that is is closer to being a side light than it is to being a straight front because of where the beam spread falls.

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